[Domestic Observation] Lies of the Chinese Communist Party in the 7.20 Zhengzhou Flood


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On July 20, 2021, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China, was hit by a massive flood. The entire city fell into a vast ocean, causing heavy loss of life and property. It used to spend 53.5 billion YUAN on building a sponge city to deal with floods, which was in vain in this disaster. Whenever there is a catastrophe, the Chinese Communist Party is accustomed to using lies to solve problems. Then what lies has lied to the people of the whole country and the world this time?

Lie #1: Once in a thousand years “rainstorm”

There are accurate classifications for the definition of rainstorm warning, from low to high; they are blue, yellow, orange and red. Why use the term “one-in-1000-year “? According to the “Zhengzhou City Master Plan (2017-2030)” published in January 2018, the recurrence period of Zhengzhou’s waterlogging prevention and control design for its urban area is one-in- 50- year, and it is one- in- 20- year in other planning areas. We can learn from here that the united stance of the ” one-in-1000-year ” claimed by the CCP’s official media is to circumvent its one-in-50-year lie. The sponge city that cost massive amounts of money has turned into a tofu-dreg town in just five years.

Also, in terms of total precipitation, the so-called one-in-1000-year torrential rain is exaggerated. For example, in August 1975, Zhumadian also suffered from heavy rainfall caused by a significant flood. According to the record, from August 5-7, the maximum rainfall is 1605mm, compared to the maximum rainfall of 617.1mm from July 18-20 in Zhengzhou.

The CCP claimed that this torrential rain was one-in-1000-year. However, in the past, China did not use internationally accepted units of measurement to record rainfall, so there is no way to investigate it. Therefore, the “one-in-a-thousand-year event” is scientifically untenable.

Lie #2: The number of deaths

On July 22, Henan Provincial Government Information Office announced that according to incomplete statistics, this round of heavy rains caused at least 51 deaths in Zhengzhou (including 12 trapped subway passengers). Incomplete statistics are preliminary investigations. In the absence of sufficient statistics on casualties, Henan Provincial Government has deceptively released inaccurate casualty data to the public.

According to videos of circulating on the Internet, the crowded train commuters standing in chest-deep water, facing suffocation and death.
During the rush hour, the central city’s transportation hub, Jingguang Road tunnel, flooded utterly. The four-kilometre two-way six-lane tunnel was full of vehicles, more than a thousand vehicles were flooded, and very few escaped. People can use common sense to analyze that the number of deaths at the scene can never be as low as 12. There are many video and text reports on overseas social media such as GETTR, YOUTUBE and TWITTER. However, the state mainstream media of the Chinese Communist Party did not have any videos about the victims. After all, “ruling the country by falsehood” is the state policy of the CCP, and lies are the basis of the CCP’s rule.

Lie #3: Active rescue

The Chinese Communist Party, who kept saying to serve the people wholeheartedly and claimed to be on the front line of rescue, disappeared when the flood came! You can see from the videos posted by a large number of people in Zhengzhou that more often people carry out self-help or mutual rescue, and many people call 110 and 119 have become blind.

According to the official announcement, on the 20th, 150 armed police officers and soldiers were emergently dispatched in a military truck. With the city being flooded and cars being washed up everywhere, how could these military trucks save people? On the night of the 20th, more than 3,200 people and over 80 vehicles and equipment were sent to Zhengzhou for rescue in the Central Theater. You know that there are 7,500 square kilometers in the urban area of ​​Zhengzhou. Could it be that one person covers 2 square kilometers? There are more than 80 vehicles and ships; how many are assault boats that can be used for rescue? It can be seen from the various videos made on that day that there is not even one assault boat or a kayak, which is rare in the history of flood fighting and rescue.

Lie 4: Smooth communications

The deputy mayor of Zhengzhou declared that there is currently an adequate supply of goods in Zhengzhou and that cash and mobile payments are available. However, according to the information from China, citizens could not use both China Mobile and China Unicom normally in Zhengzhou, and the signal was intermittent or even completely disconnected from the Internet. Without a stable communication network, how to carry out disaster relief?

Of course, the reason for cutting off the Internet was to cover up the real casualties of the disaster. A warning sign hung out in Zhengzhou: “Your words and deeds represent the image of Zhengzhou…” to make the outside world feel that everything is quiet. The trapped people were unable to issue messages for help, and rescue forces were unable to proceed. In order to whitewash the peace, the CCP once again caused artificial disasters. This is a crime!

Lying is the nature of the Chinese Communist Party, and lies are all it has to offer to solve problems.

Fraud from top to bottom has eroded China in all its rage. If you believe in the Chinese Communist Party, you will go to the crematorium. The CCP has deceived the Chinese for 100 years, and the Whistleblower Movement will expose all its lies!

The innocent souls who have suffered the disaster of the CCP will surely awaken the people of the country, let them see the true face of the CCP, and overthrow the wicked CCP that kills people without blinking an eye!

中国共产党在7.20郑州暴雨洪灾中的六个谎言 – GNEWS

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