None of the videos or info are allowed to disclose the situation inside the tunnel

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While the world is morning and concerning the people who have suffered the catastrophe flood in Henan province, the traffic junctions of the nation, worrying about the secondary impact of the aftermath, wondering how many people has lost their lives and how much damage to agriculture and livestocks and economy, the CCP party general secretary Xi jingping is now enjoying the gala welcome in Tibet. Mind you, this flood was totally man-made disaster as the government discharged the 4 huge reservoirs at night before the forecasted rainfalls started.

Look at the photos, any one would believe the CCP’s official claim that only 33 were killed in this disaster?

Entrence of JingGuang South Road Tunnel, picture from video screen shot.

Below is the post by a survivor from the Jingguang tunnel, who posted this message early morning at 06:30 on July 24 2021. Please see the translation to imagine the situation of this 4 km long major tunnel from Beijing to Guangzhou and what the horror:

I am one of the survivors of the Jingguang Road tunnel on Longhai Road. Please see the location as shown in Figure 1. This road is the only way for me to go home from work every day.

When I went back, I was still navigating and watching the road conditions on Jingguang Road at 4:03 o’clock.  I recorded the video and sent it to the group to report to my colleagues that I was stuck here. (Picture 2 Picture 3 )and was stuck for more than two hours while I was motioning on the  spot.

I kept checking the latest rain from the ink weather broadcast. It showed 5 o’clock heavy overcast, 6 o’clock heavy overcast  and 7 o’clock heavy overcast. While  I was stuck in the car for more than two hours. I kept checking the Baidu map and the Gaode map to understand the situation why the traffic ahead did not move.

The Gaode map showed that the traffic jam occurred 300 meters ahead and there was at spot,  the expected passage through in 18 minutes. I thought to myself that the police quickly would clear it. As a result, there was no police at all. and the water submerged in a blinking of time and I hardly made my escape.

Two days ago I said something on internet  but was besieged with all kind of insulting, such as  I wasn’t a human. I didn’t want such trouble so I deleted the post.  But yesterday I watched another survivor’s interview video. He said that he arrived at the tunnel  at 3 pm. the exit was blocked by then, but  there was no  sign of warning at the entrance. As a result, no cars in front could move, and the cars behind can’t get out. In the interview video in Figure 4.

I am a girl in my 20s and driving alone . Now I think about it, If I was not at the entrance of the tunnel, but inside of it, what would happen to me ? When I was escaping, I pushed the car door several times before pushing it open. I didn’t take out the car key, ipad, clothes and other items. If I were slower a bit then, I might not be able to get out.

The next day,  I discovered that the big brother in the silver-gray car next to me did not survive from escape. his  head was caught by the door, and he was drowning alive. Now, none of the videos are allowed to  disclose the situation of the vehicles and people in side this tunnel. Pray all the people inside have escaped to safety.

The water was drained last night. After the cars were dragged out by the traffic police brigade, they were piled up on Jingguang Road, 1000 meters west of Hanghai Road, north of the road.

Miles Guo in his live broadcast today  said, the number of death, the destruction of moral nationwide and of the interpersonal relationship, the coat, the damage, all of which are completely unpredictable. 

“However, the only thing we can predict is that the CCP will celebrate the prosperity by singing and dancing to be grateful to the CCP, and the central committee. Countless touching stories will be broadcasted on TV and how great the CCP government and its armed police is. How wonderful the people are. Then they will ask people to make donations, which would make CCP kleptocracies more wealthy.”

So if CCP regime stays one more day in power, we would suffer such disaster one after another if CCP’s bioweapon couldn’t take the world.

Wake up, Chinese people and the people of the world, it is but no choice that we have to take down the CCP for our survival and for our freedom now.

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