[GT Online] CCP Schemed to Dig the River to Release the Flood without Warning the Villagers

Author: Grace

Proofread by: Sister Karamazov

Image Source: GETTR

According to a tweet published on July 24 by the Twitter account “Cold Eyes of Finance and Economics”, villagers in Jizhuang Village (in Xinxiang City, Henan Province) organized themselves spontaneously to strengthen the river embankment. But when one day at four o’clock in the morning, most of the villagers were still asleep when the villagers on duty discovered that someone was going to dig out the upstream of the river where Jizhuang Bridge is located. The villagers promptly called out to the other village people, who ran over there and stopped a man-made disaster from happening.

According to the content of the tweet, none of the local officials had given any evacuation notice to the local people before digging the river. On the contrary, the content of the dialogue in the picture shows that the local village officials demanded the villagers to delete all the videos related to the river digging.

The pictures in the tweet show that the villagers prepared their supplies and took turns to guard the embankment. Fortunately, these villagers understand that the CCP government cannot be trusted, and that protecting yourself is the only way out.


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