7/25/2021 Japan Galaxy News: Japan Emphasizes The True Value Of Overcoming The Epidemic And Hosting The Olympic Games; Judo-Takato Wins Japan’s First Gold Medal

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1.Japanese Prime Minister Emphasizes the Significance of Tokyo Olympics: “Overcoming Corona and Holding Is the Real Value”  

According to NHK on July 23, in an interview with NBC TV, the Japanese prime minister emphasized the significance of the Tokyo Olympics, saying that the biggest concern was the division of public opinion and real value in overcoming the CCP virus and holding the event. Suga said it would have been straightforward to quit the games. However, Japan ran for the candidate and became the host country. Therefore, it needs to fulfill its responsibilities as a host country to the rest of the world. He added emphatically, “More than four billion people around the world will be watching the Olympics. There is real value in overcoming the COVID and holding the Olympics.”

2.Olympic Gold Medal in Men’s Judo Becomes Japan’s First Gold Medal at the Olympics  

According to NHK, on July 24, Naohisa Takato won the gold medal in the men’s 60kg judo event at the Tokyo Olympics. This is the first gold medal won by Japan at the Olympics. Takato, who won a bronze medal in Rio de Janeiro, won his first two matches and went into overtime in the quarterfinals, but his opponent lost by foul. In the semi-finals, he was up against Yeldos Smetov from Kazakhstan, who won the silver medal in the previous tournament, and after the match lasted more than 11 minutes, he was able to win and advance to the final. In the final match against Taiwan’s Yang Yongwei, both players tried to attack each other from the beginning, but both lacked offensive skills, and the match went into overtime. After three and a half minutes of overtime, Japan’s opponent was called for a foul.

3.French-Japanese Leaders Meet, Mention Child Abduction in Joint Statement

According to JIJI, on July 24, French President Emmanuel Macron, who is attending the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics in Japan, met with Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga at the State Guest House in Moto-Akasaka, Tokyo, on July 24. After the meeting, the two leaders issued a joint statement, emphasizing the importance of achieving a “free and open Indo-Pacific” and referring to the so-called “child abduction issue” following the breakup of international marriages. In Japan, joint custody is not allowed if parents are divorced or separated. Japan and France “will strengthen dialogue by giving top priority to the interests of children.”

4.Tokyo Restaurants Dissatisfied with Metropolitan Government’s Failure to Deliver on Its Promised “Advance Payment” Grants

According to JIJI, on July 24, in Tokyo, where a state of emergency has been declared for the fourth time due to the spread of the CCP virus infection, a system of “advance payment” grants has been introduced to restaurants responding to requests for reduced hours of operation since a statement was issued on July 12. However, due to the rush of this payment, applications for May and June were postponed. Restaurants expressed their anger at this. By improving the application system and increasing staff, the city has built a system that can be paid for about 5 days on average after receiving the application. However, the city explained, “If the application periods for multiple cooperation funds overlap, the business operator will be confused, and as a result, the payment will be delayed.”

5.Over 1,000 People Infected with CCP Virus in Tokyo for 5 Consecutive Days

According to TBS News, on July 24, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced 1,128 new cases July 24. This is the fifth consecutive day that the number of infections has exceeded 1,000, despite decreasing the number of tests during the holiday season. According to the city government’s criteria, among the infected people currently hospitalized, the number of those considered “seriously ill” according to the city government’s criteria has increased by 6 to 74 since the 23rd. In the Tokyo metropolitan area, there were 547 cases in Kanagawa, 345 cases in Saitama, and 301 cases in Chiba Prefecture, all higher than the same day of the previous week. Since the 23rd, the number of “seriously ill” infected persons hospitalized nationwide has increased by 5 to 436. Seven new deaths were also announced, including one in his 20s.

6.Four Police Officers in Charge of Security at Tokyo Olympics Venue Infected with CCP Virus

According to NHK, on July 24, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department said the four officers were in charge of security at the same stadium in Tokyo. Still, one of them, in his 30s, had a fever and other symptoms on the 23rd and was found to be positive in a PCR test. The other three officers also fell ill one after another, and all were confirmed to be infected. The four were assigned to a police facility in Tokyo Prefecture earlier this month. According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, they had no close contact with any athletes or event officials. In addition to the four men, 15 police officers who had contact with the four men are on call at the facility. Thus, six of the 12,000 police officers dispatched from across Japan to support the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics have been confirmed to be infected.

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