What Does the Severe Flood of Henan Province Tell us about the CCP?

By MOS Education Group — Maverick

Photo Source: BBC.com

The recent flood in China’s Henan province has triggered worldwide attention. Mainstream media around the world, along with the official media of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) mostly report that this is caused by “rare and severe rainfall”, a phenomenon that can only be encountered “once per a thousand years”, or blame it on the river systems running through the province which are prone to flooding. Apart from this, the death tolls of the incident were initially reported total number of 12, and then gradually increased by days. 

However, the truth of the incident is far darker than that, based on what was revealed by the leaked out footages provided by some citizens in Henan Province and the inside intelligence acquired by Mr. Miles Guo as well as from other members of Whistleblowing Movement.

According to insiders’ information, the flood was deliberately triggered, by releasing overload water accumulated from the heavy rain from 47 reservoirs in the province, without giving any prior notice to the public. The CCP official says this is simply “letting the overload water out safely” and has nothing to do with the flood. This caused massive flooding around the entire Henan province and all the tragic scenes seen in the leaked footage. Under the CCP, the actual death toll will never be revealed, but by estimation it is at least exceeding 100,000 people.

The motive behind this act was also political in nature. Mr. Miles Guo revealed in his Gettr account at July 21, that the flood water destroyed the PLA’s General Command for operations against Taiwan, which is located 40 meters underground and the area with 1:1 mocks up for battle drills in the city of Zhengzhou. It is speculated that the order to release the water was given by Xi Jinping’s political rivals, notably former President Jiang Zemin’s faction (also known as the Gang of Shanghai). They do not want Xi to invade Taiwan because the consequence will serious endangers their own astronomical number of properties and illegitimate children that they hide in the West.

According to Miles Guo’s Gettr on July 21, 2021, after the flood happened, no rescue teams showed up to help the locals. Traffic was at halt and no lifeboats available to use (people used floating cars as rescue boats, as seen in the leaked footages); funds were embezzled, and the secondary disasters are even more detrimental and long-lasting. The disaster has completely exposed the poor-quality, “jerry-build” construction of buildings that is the result of massive scale of corruption, embezzlement and counterfeit.

While the impact of the flood on Zhengzhou city is terrible enough, the situation in the rural area of Henan province is even worse owing to the lack of infrastructures and supporting facilities for the rescue operation, and the corruption of the regional(county and village level) government. Mr Miles Guo also mentioned, the rural area of Henan belongs to one of the most poorest regions in China.

In his 5th Gettr on July 23, 2021, Mile Guo also indicated what makes people even more outrageous is the fact that the police were mobilized, not for commanding rescue operations, but to “seal the mouth” of the disaster-stricken people, particularly those whose families or friends died. Police even came to their home and warn them not to tell anyone about their deceased and anything about the flood. Otherwise, they could be arrested because of treason. The flood also seriously damaged many infrastructures, particularly hospitals, causing many injured people not to be saved on time and died. In addition, many telecommunications facilities and power stations were damaged, hence people were not able to spread the truth to the outside world.

Mile Guo’s 9th Gettr message on July 20, 2021 keeps us pondering what the local government has done to help their people so far? Literally nothing. It gives 100 million RMB for the people in Henan who are affected by the disaster, which in average each person only gets RMB 1 Yuan as relief, while the CCP gives away tens of billions of dollar (in USD) to just one “African Brother” country. The CCP also tells the Chinese people that the flood was possibly caused by American climate weapons and the cyclone nearby Taiwan. 

Meanwhile, according to Miles Guo’s 6th Gettr on July 23, 2021, the CCP’s state-owned media tried to spread their propaganda. To the outside world, they claime everything is fine and the rescue operation is in full swing, and that there are only a few had died; Internally, they continue their brainwashing, telling the people to “keep their faith on the Party”, and everything is going to be fine; encouraging people do donate money for the rescue operation, and stating that “in the meantime, Europe is also suffering from flood, so we did a much better job comparing to them!”. 

The disaster also indicates a horrifying phenomenon. From some leaked footage, it is revealed that when the flood water entered the subway, people inside the train literally do nothing but keep waiting for rescue team to come, even when they saw the water level is gradually rising. This implies that they seemed to be brainwashed with the idea “have faith and just believe in the Party” to a degree that they have already lost the very natural survival instinct. This may be completely incomprehensible for westerners. Besides, the citizens of Henan province actually expressed gratitude to the government, for giving them 1 dollar aid per person as relief… This let us know more about the evilness of the CCP, and how the CCP has completely mentally emasculated the Chinese people.

In his 8th Gettr on July 20, 2021, Miles Guo pointed out the mainstream media of the West, such as CNN, BBC, CNBC, Global Times, was sharing a same attitude as the CCP government, stating that the progress of the rescue operation was good, despite thee number of death discovered has been increasing daily, a lot more number of lives were saved because of the effort of the local government. Chinese citizen of other provinces did intend to help the people of Henan and they tried to do fund-raising, but those money eventually, would end up in the CCP official’s pocket.

From the truth of the Henan Great Flood, one can “evaluates” how evil the CCP can be. Just by looking at this incident, people who understand the nature of this regime should not be surprised that it is capable of doing some utter-evil act, such as deliberately releasing the virus from it’s own military lab and try to destroy the world’s economy and try to take over the leading position itself, no matter how many people die in the process, because from the CCP’s perspective, human lives worth absolutely nothing.

As long as the CCP exists on this planet, disaster like this will keep happening in the future. No one will be safe, regardless of nationality. 

Proofread and posted by: Malaca


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