BBC Maligns Chinese-Americans as “Far-Right”

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On July 8, 2021 the BBC’s Zhaoyin Feng wrote an article “Going Undercover to Infiltrate Chinese-American Far-Right Networks” [1] maligning conservative Chinese-Americans.

How easy it is these days to malign conservative thought. Usually these attacks are drive-by hit jobs, without substance or facts, which simply label their targets “far-right”, “extreme-right”, “radical-right”. Sometimes they go further using lazy and disingenuous monikers like Fascist, Nazi, or even Terrorist. This is also the direction the Biden Administration is heading while using the January 6th Capitol Hill “incident” as their cudgel.

Who labels groups far-right or “far” anything? Well, it is usually confined to leftist organizations. Leftist media, leftist think-tanks, leftist politicians. Notice I did not use “far-left” or “radical-left”. Is any conservative thought or idea not labelled “extremist” these days? 

Who are these targets actually? Let us begin by talking about what these people do NOT support. By and large those labelled “far-right” reject policies such as: defunding police, ICE and border patrols; open borders; tax-payer funded benefits for illegal aliens; sanctuary cities and states; amnesty for those who have violated US Law to enter the United States; teaching racist Marxist critical race theory (CRT) in any form; rioting, looting, and violence of Antifa and BLM and the lack of criminal prosecutions of these groups; the fact that Antifa and BLM avoid any scrutiny or terrorist designations whereas all right-wing groups are labeled as terrorists; censorship and limits on free speech of conservatives; attempts by the Biden regime to create a one-party state by enacting HR-1 and packing SCOTUS. To me, any sane commentator would not find these positions controversial, or their proponents radical. But if must be, count me in! Je suis extrémiste!!

In other words, the group of Asian-Americans that the BBC labels as extremist oppose policies and strategies that they have seen used by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in China to subdue and enslave their population for 100 years. The fact that the BBC fails to acknowledge and report this simply proves their political allegiance and agenda. Personally, I will heed the advice of the “extreme right” Chinese Americans. They are not naive like the author Zhaoyin Feng. Or is she naive? Perhaps her allegiances are more nefarious…

The labels don’t matter much other than to indicate the political strategy of those using them, and the extent to which the CCP has infiltrated and exerts influence over the western media.

Let’s look at the BBC article in more detail. Media “hit-jobs” are always one-sided. Traditional journalism would dictate that an article should be “balanced”. It should present both sides of the argument. I will try to provide this balance which is missing from the article.

In the article “Going Undercover to Infiltrate Chinese-American Far-Right Networks” by the BBC’s Zhaoyin Feng, we can see how this old-fashioned concept of balanced reporting has been stood on its ear. Firstly, by using words such as “undercover”, “infiltrate”, “far-right” and “networks”, the reader is certainly herded into a belief that these subjects must be wartime enemy infiltrators. Nothing could be further from the truth. Chinese-Americans on the right are probably the most patriotic Americans of all. When I use the word “patriotic” I am also aware of the spreading stigma even this word is subjected to. The woke left is trying to label anything that is patriotic – the flag, the anthem, reverence for the Constitution and its founders, belief in election integrity, forensic audits, war veterans, as white supremacy, radical right and subversive. 

Let’s be clear: failure to acknowledge and condemn the following facts is equivalent to condoning and supporting them: Communism and the CCP is an evil influence in the World; conservative Chinese-Americans have first-hand experience with the CCP and how they spread their tentacles to enslave people; almost every policy enacted by the Biden Administration confirms to conservative Chinese-Americans that Marxist influence is alive and well in the US.

Humorously the article repeats the usual radical left smear: “false claims of voter fraud, in particular, spread like wildfire among extremely conservative Chinese immigrants…”. How can an article written on July 8, 2021 fail to even mention that there is an ongoing forensic audit in Arizona and that the results look very bad for the Biden team. Given recent events and revelations in Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, this sound particularly hollow and puerile. I guarantee this quote will not age well. But it is the mainstream media’s insistence on not even pretending to be balanced, or mentioning the fact that there are forensic audits being conducted, which will sink outlets like the BBC. Interestingly, if it turns out (as looks increasingly possible) that the Nov 3, 2020 election was fraudulently won by Biden, then all the nonsense about “insurrection” looks rather silly. Who are the insurrectionists if there was an organized plan to fraudulently install Joe Biden, and who are the patriots?

The BBC article goes on: “the collaboration between former Trump adviser Steve Bannon and Chinese exiled businessman Guo Wengui is a case in point. The duo has been involved in a sprawling digital network that disseminates misinformation about election frauds, coronavirus vaccines, and QAnon narratives…”. What a minute! They didn’t mention misinformation about the Lab Leak theory of the Covid virus. That is because the article was written on July 8, 2021. Had it been written in January, 2020, the Lab Leak theory would have been included as “misinformation”. The point is, somebody’s conspiracy theory, is another person’s better intelligence. Miles Guo has been warning about the CCP’s biological weapons program since early 2020 – and this is now widely accepted as most likely.

The next “misinformation” smear that will be flipped to a “truth” is the election fraud. In Arizona there is already enough evidence of fraud to reverse the election in favor of Trump. The next few months will extend this to other States. No amount of denial will change this.

On the mRNA vaccines, the truth will take longer to be revealed. Over the next 3-4 years the long-term effects of the spike proteins on the organs of recipients will be determined. We hope that the reports coming from reputable medical doctors – Robert Malone, Michael Yeadon, Mark Trozzi, Rodger Hodkinson, Charles Hoffe, Francis Christian, Byram Bidle, Steven Hotze, Dolores Cahill, Hooman Noorchashm, Simone Gold, and hundreds of others – are incorrect. Because if they are correct, the outcome will be a biblical slaughter of humanity, and this BBC article will look like foolish, warmed-over propaganda.

The “breach” or “insurrection” against the Capital is the next straw-man to be used by the BBC. Little by little this narrative is crumbling as well. Firstly, there were no bombs planted as the MSM frantically declared in the early days after the event. Secondly, nobody who entered the Capitol on that day carried a weapon. Thirdly, nobody died at the hands of any protesters as originally claimed – only be heart attack later. Unarmed and non-threatening Ashley Babbitt was shot by a Congress-person’s security. Lastly, new information has emerged that “unindicted co-conspirators” might have been FBI informants who planned and entrapped some of the participants – notably Stewart Rhodes the leader. What we do know is that of the purported masterminds of the plan to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in October, 2020, 12 out of 18 belonged to the FBI. They stopped the Michigan incident. Why did they not stop the Capitol incident if they were involved in it? Why were the former Capitol Police Chief’s calls for increased security presence repeatedly rejected – even by Speaker Pelosi? As Darren Beattie points out: was January 6th and intelligence failure or an intelligence operation? [2]

After only minimal digging we can see that the BBC’s smear job on the Chinese Americans they targeted, are easily countered. This article is a perfect exhibit for how shallow journalism is these days. Instead of investigating and presenting a balanced portrait of the issues, the author started with an objective in mind, and only presented the “facts” that confirmed the narrative. Journalist like this should be discredited, and exposed. 

Chinese Americans are some of the most freedom loving and patriotic wherever they settle. The reasons are obvious. Just like Venezuelan-Americans, Cuban-Americans, and other migrants from Communist countries, they are acutely aware of the evil of living under Communist rule. They are well aware of the signs that their host country is falling into the same trap. Loss of free speech, maligning people who simply search for the truth and do not trust authority blindly, authoritarian control over the voting system, media speaking with one voice, removal of the right to own or bear arms, labelling one segment of society (usually the freedom loving ones) has terrorists, lock-downs which violate civil rights and are not supported by the pandemic statistics, silencing of any dissent with respect to the experimental vaccines.

I will lay my trust with patriotic Chinese Americans, Steve Bannon and Miles Guo, rather than the BBC and Zhaoyin Feng.



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1 month ago

Lots if people in the UK are very dissatisfied with the BBC’s reporting, particularly how it has manipulated people to accept lockdowns, harmful ‘vaccines’ and other restrictions on their freedons. A few weeks ago there was a massive protest outside the BBC’s headquarters demanding that they improve – the BBC didn’t even mention it in their news bulletins. There is also a Defund The BBC movement, as UK citizens still need to pay a license fee to the BBC if they use a television even if they don’t watch the BBC. The licence fee is the BBC’s main source of… Read more »

1 month ago
Reply to  DomTaylor

Yes, increasingly autocratic Governments everywhere are using taxpayer funds to bribe state media into becoming, in effect, propaganda arms of the Government. The same is true for the CBC in Canada. In fact the CBC received hundreds of millions and still viewership kept falling. Less than 13% of Canadians watch CBC. Regardless, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently hinted at more state support by saying the agency was “suffering”. There was a time when debate was encouraged and lively, jounalists plied their investigative reporting and democracy was healthy. Now politicians just want more power by any means.