[GT Online] CCP Don’t Care about People’s Lives in Disaster

Written by: 西枫westca

Proofread by: Ermat

Image Source:Weibo

According to China Weather Network on July 24: Typhoon Fireworks is approaching Mainland China. As a result, there will be heavy rains or torrential rains in Zhejiang and other eastern coastal areas. The maximum rainfall in some areas can reach 300 mm. The emergency response against typhoon was raised to the first level. At the same time, Shanghai also issued a double red alert. All departments should take preventive measures.

According to the numerous Weibo, there have been heavy rains in some areas of Zhejiang. Shaoxing has been affected by mountain torrents, bridges collapsed, roads fell down, large areas of streets were flooded, and the water level in the plain river network has reached 3 meters.  The crops and houses in the countryside have been flooded. Many elderlies and children are trapped in their homes without assistance.

When reservoirs in Henan Province broke, the people were not notified in time. This caused tens of thousands of casualties. Now Zhejiang and other places are also in danger of natural and man-made disasters.  As self-claimed to be the world’s second largest economy by GDP, The CCP leader of the state and all other levels couldn’t be seen at the scene when the crisis came to the people. Instead, it contained news reports and strictly prevented the spread of the truth. Every life is buried under the water and gravel.  The CCP’s crimes are endless.




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