Are You Getting the Vaccine?

By MyWay

Below is the information you should know before vaccinating:

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1. Is the vaccine safe?

2. mRNA experimental injection is not a vaccine

3. You should know the hidden ingredient in the injection

4. Only rushed clinical trials were conducted and safety testing was skipped

5. Long list of side effects and dying from these experimental injections

6. These experimental injections did not prevent or contain the COVID-19 virus

7. PCR testing is useless

8. Why government banned effective and safe drugs such as ivermectin, HCQ, Vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc?

9. Why government lockdown the whole society?

10. Why government inflates case and death counts?

11. Why does government censors the doctors for COVID treatment?

12. What is the real agenda of government? We don’t what will happen when the experimental injection

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