[GT Online] What Happened to a Tibetan in Exile

Written by: Ermat

Proofread by: Ermat

Image Source:  wikipedia.org

Radio Free Asia reported on July 23, Tsering Dawa is a Tibetan from Lhasa. He was arrested for making comments on Weibo and WeChat. In prison, he was mistreated.

Tsering Dawa said,  I was arrested in Tibet on April 7, 2015. On April 6, I said on Weibo and WeChat, “Tibetans are equal under the Chinese Communist system, within the constitutional framework. Or they can have all rights and interests. However, Tibetans can’t get a passport.” Just like that, this post was heavily reposted on top of Weibo and WeChat.

Because of this, I was arrested. In the prison, they beat me up. They asked me, “Why are you contacting Tibetans outside the country, especially from Dharamsala, India? Why are you contacting Tibetans outside the country? After arresting me, I was imprisoned for eleven months.



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