07/24/2021 Financial news: Supervisory voice: guiding long-term funds such as pension funds into the ESG investment market

1.Supervisory voice: guiding long-term funds such as pension funds into the ESG investment market

Reuters, Beijing, July 24-Fan Yifei, deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China, said on Saturday that in order to promote the development of green finance, it is necessary to promote the integration of ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) investment with fixed income products; enrich the application of ESG investment and guide the elderly Long-term funds with certain social attributes such as gold, insurance, and social security will enter the ESG investment market and be included in the evaluation system to enrich the source of funds for the green bond market. He spoke at the Global Wealth Management Forum and pointed out that in terms of incentive policies, he will continue to explore fiscal and taxation policies including subsidies, interest discounts, tax reductions and exemptions, as well as enhancing the attractiveness of green credit and green bonds. He also talked about the carbon market as the most effective method among the existing carbon emission reduction methods. In addition to the basic functions of trading, it is more important to realize investment and risk cross-cycle management based on carbon price signals.

2.Second-hand housing prices in Shenzhen fell by 15%, 10,000 yuan per square meter

A report recently released by the Yiju Research Institute shows that the transaction price of second-hand housing in Shenzhen has shrunk by 15% within six months, and the price per square meter has fallen by more than 10,000 yuan. Superimposed with other policy controls, the price index of second-hand housing in the 4 cities is aimed at cooling down. By the end of June, the second-hand housing price index in the four cities rose by 8.1% year-on-year, which was two percentage points lower than the level in February. In the future, if the number of cities to follow up increases, and factors such as the tightening of second-hand housing credit policies are added, the downward momentum of the price index curve will be stronger. Data show that in January this year, the price of second-hand housing in Shenzhen reached its highest point in history, at 72,436 yuan per square meter. With the advancement of the second-hand housing transaction reference price system, housing prices have become a trend. By June, its price was 61,500 yuan/square meter, and the price had shrunk by 15%. Take Nanshan District, where the transaction of second-hand housing was hot and the house price was high, as an example. In January this year, the house price was 105,055 yuan/square meter, while in June it fell to 87,871 yuan/square meter, a cumulative decrease of 17,184 yuan/square meter. , Shrink by 16%. E-House Research Institute believes that such data fully demonstrates that policy regulation is active and effective, and second-hand housing prices are gradually returning to a reasonable range.

3.Liposuction business behind the death of Internet celebrities: plastic surgery agencies do not talk about risk avoidance

A medical accident made liposuction surgery become the focus of public attention. On July 13, Hangzhou woman Dai Moumou (the “net celebrity” Xiao Ran) passed away due to liposuction, causing multiple organ failure. The reporter randomly selected several plastic surgery hospitals on a search engine and a group buying app to consult about liposuction projects. The fees are as low as thousands and can be as high as tens of thousands. As for the risks of liposuction surgery, many institutions have chosen to avoid them. Instead, I recommend more “bright and beautiful” doctor resources. “We are a fat transplantation institution that specializes in liposuction, filling, leg shape correction, and liposuction repair. It is very professional. All the experts in the institution have studied the field of fat throughout their lives, with a clinical life of about 30 years. It can be ranked first.” The staff of Beijing Delta Ruyi Medical Cosmetology Clinic commented on the professionalism of the institution. “Choose three of the four parts of thigh, waist, abdomen, arms, and calves for 7999 yuan. If the weight exceeds 130 kg, 30% of the repair fee will be added, but the specific amount is calculated based on the thickness of the fat.” Delta Ruyi works The staff told reporters.

4.A fire in a logistics warehouse in Changchun, Jilin has caused 14 deaths and 12 serious injuries

At 19:38 on July 24, Changchun Jingyue High-tech Zone Management Committee issued an announcement. The latest situation of the fire at the logistics warehouse at No. 472 Yinfeng Road, Jingyue District. Up to now, the front command has established 7 working groups to carry out rescue work. The preliminary verification of 14 deaths, 12 serious injuries, and 14 general bone injuries and traumas , Search and rescue work is still in progress, and the cause of the accident is under investigation.

5.The body of a male was found in the tunnel of Zhengzhou Metro Line 5, and the families of the missing persons were waiting outside

The reporter learned at the scene that at about 9:45 on July 24, rescuers found the body of a male in a subway tunnel. On the afternoon of the 24th, the police on the scene told Nandu reporters that the man was confirmed to be not a lost contact, and the police were confirming the identity of the remains. Family members recalled: “The son will be home after one stop.” Outside the subway station, the families of the missing persons are still waiting. Earlier on the evening of July 21, Zou Deqiang’s wife posted a message for help on the Internet: “At around 6 pm on July 20, my husband Zou Deqiang lost contact on Zhengzhou Metro Line 5. The colleague with him has been rescued, and my husband was rescued. The water in the tunnel has washed away, and it is currently impossible to contact.” Zou Deqiang’s wife described her husband from Chaoyang, Liaoning, who was 165cm tall and weighed 63kg. He was wearing dark clothes at the time of the incident. Zou Deqiang’s mother told Nandu reporters that she had a video with her son on July 19, and suddenly learned that her son had lost contact on the afternoon of the 21st. “I feel that the sky is falling, and this is my son.”

6.A couple of professors in Shanghai were deceived by more than 10 million! The scammer had previously set up scholarships for the university for three consecutive years

The university professors and couples did not expect that the senior executives who had set up innovation scholarships for the school for three consecutive years, under the banner of investment, sent themselves into a scam with a loss of more than 11.21 million yuan. Professor Zhang and her husband Wang are both professors at a certain university in Shanghai. In September 2014, Professor Zhang got to know Ji and Ning couples through introduction, and gradually became acquainted with each other. Later, Ji Mouyao and his wife also signed a cooperation agreement with Professor Wang’s college in the name of an investment fund company under their subsidiary, held several competitions, and set up high scholarships. After discussing with his husband, Professor Zhang transferred 200,000 yuan to her mother’s bank account provided by Ji Mouyao. One month later, Ji Mouya transferred 20,000 yuan to Professor Zhang as income. In just one month, he got 10% of the income. Professor Zhang admired the “financial expert” in front of him, so he couldn’t help but ask her what the project was. Professor Zhang agreed to apply for loans and swipe bank cards to make investments, and successively invested more than 15 million yuan.

7.The Nanjing epidemic has spilled over to four provinces, Sichuan, Liaoning, Anhui, and Guangdong have all reported infected people

The Nanjing epidemic has spilled over four provinces. Following the discovery of native new crown infections with a history of living in Nanjing in Shenyang, Anhui, Hexian, and Zhongshan, Guangdong, on July 23, a confirmed case of new crown returning from Nanjing was found in Mianyang, Sichuan. According to the WeChat public account of “Mianyang Daily” on July 24, on the afternoon of July 23, during the nucleic acid test of the personnel who came (returned) to Mianyang from high-risk areas in Nanjing, one case of new coronary pneumonia nucleic acid positive person was found. The Mianyang City Center for Disease Control rechecked that it was positive and the clinical diagnosis was a confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia (mild). Previously, Shenyang, Hexian, Anhui, and Zhongshan, Guangdong all added local asymptomatic infections with a history of living in Nanjing on July 22, and most of them were discovered by local people who took the initiative to investigate and return to Nanjing. The new asymptomatic infection in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, is a 56-year-old man who is the business director of a chemical company in Nanjing. He arrived in Shenyang on July 19. The new asymptomatic infection in Hexian County, Anhui Province is a 52-year-old man from Jiangning District, Nanjing. He is the husband of a confirmed case named Gu Moumou (Lukou Airport Cleaner) in Nanjing. He traveled between Nanjing and Hexian County recently due to work. The new asymptomatic infection in Zhongshan City is a 23-year-old female who flew from Zhuhai to Nanjing Lukou Airport on July 15 and returned to Zhuhai from Lukou Airport on July 19.

8.China pushes to crack down on organized crime, private enterprises shudder

Chinese leader Xi Jinping promoted the crackdown on organized crime. At the same time, lawsuits and asset seizures against well-known entrepreneurs were frequent, and private enterprises shuddered.
This movement has dealt a heavy blow to people like Zhang Wei. Before that, Zhang Wei was engaged in loans, asset management and real estate investment in the southern city of Shenzhen, and was elected as a representative of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress. The police have accused Zhang Wei of operating a criminal syndicate involving fraud, extortion and other criminal activities. A Shenzhen court sentenced Zhang Wei to life imprisonment in May and confiscated all his personal property, including real estate, stocks and an Airbus A319 aircraft. Zhang Wei’s family estimated that these properties were worth more than US$1 billion. Zhang Wei denied all allegations against him. Zhang Wei’s lawyers and family members stated that the alleged misconduct by Zhang Wei did not meet the government’s definition of crimes involving gangs and the sentence was too heavy.

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