[GT Online] Paltry Donations Show the CCP Has Lost Supports of the People in Hong Kong and Taiwan

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After quashing the heartrending posts from the people affected by the tragic flood in Henan Province, the CCP has put on another propaganda campaign through reports on heroic deeds, touching scenes, quick government responses, praise and gratitude from the people. The purpose is to portray the regime as a caring and responsible government that is loved and supported by its people who, in the eyes of the CCP leaders, include the people in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Unsurprisingly, reports of “voluntary donations” from Hong Kong and Taiwan started appearing on the CCP-controlled media outlets on July 24.

According to Chinanews.com, the Henan-based subsidiaries of Wangwang Group (a Taiwan corporation) donated RMB 20 million worth of goods; Foxconn Industrial Internet Co., Ltd., a listed subsidiary of Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn), donated RMB 100 million; some Taiwanese showbiz artists also made donations. It is noteworthy that all those mentioned have strong business ties to Mainland China, which brings into question the voluntariness of the donors. More importantly, the total amount pales in comparison with the USD 230 million worth of cash donations from Taiwan for the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake.

When it comes to Hong Kong, takungpao.com reported that as of July 23, donations from all walks of life in Hong Kong had surpassed HKD 120 million, including HKD 50 million from three CCP-controlled companies: China Merchants Group, Vanguard Group, and China Tourism Group, which means that the actual donations, voluntary or not, from the Hong Kong people amount to around HKD 70 million. However, in 1991 when several provinces in Each China were hit by a biblical flood, the Hong Kong people donated more than RMB 700 million worth of money and supplies; in 2008, they again raised more than HKD 10 billion for disaster relief and reconstruction of the areas afflicted by the devastating Wenchuan Earthquake.

The numbers don’t lie. How come the donations from Hong Kong and Taiwan for the current disaster are far less than those made 13 or even 20 years ago even though the inflation rates have never fallen to negligible levels?

RFA published an article titled “Former CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) Member Said “Hongkongers Are Too Sorrowful and Despaired to Care about The Disaster in Mainland China” on July 21. In this report, Lew Mon-hung, a former CPPCC member, said that most Hongkongers used to be patriotic and confident about the “One Country, Two System” policy but they feel wronged and misunderstood for being described as trying to initiate a color revolution and seize political power. Therefore, they are overwhelmed by frustration and their confidence and sense of national identity are impaired, he added.

When the Hongkongers are deprived of their long-cherished freedom and rule of law, and their property or even lives, when the Taiwanese are threatened with calamitous war and aggression, how can they willingly pour money out of their pockets in these difficult times to help the CCP with the disaster relief?


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Donations reflect the how unpopular the CCP is in Hong Kong and Taiwan.


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