The Dike in Hebi section of the Wei River has burst(Henan Flood)

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In July 23th morning, the dike in Hebi(鹤壁) section of the Wei River has been broken. Though many truck loads of stones and many tractors had been thrown into the embankment, the breached mouth of the Peng village(彭村) still could not be blocked. And in early morning 5 o’clock, the New Town Reservoir of Jun County(浚县) near the Wei River secretly discharged, which the CCP often did when it faced huge rainfalls.

The flood in Jun County(浚县) had caused the water pour into the Peng village(彭村) and Qimen village(淇门村). The villagers near embankment were trapped and needed supply and food urgently. Since a lot of young people in Jun County are working outside, so most people living in the villages  the old, the weak and children .

Another county near Wei River, Qi county(淇县) also has been suffering the disaster from the release of flood, And vast people looked for help through the internet as they were desperately lack of supply.

The government secretyly digged out the dike at night without alarm the villagers ahead of time. When the water poured into the village at night, the poor quaity village dike burst, more than 10 thousands of villagers in Qimen village(淇门村) New Town Town, Jun county in Hebi(鹤壁) were not able to move to the safty, And the villageres were also facing the cutoff of water, power and network. And the roads were blocked, they cannot escape from there and the internet signals were very bad, many of the mobile phones of the villagers can not be connected. They urgently need rescue unit, tractors full of sands, steel frame, stone and other supply ,which can be useful to block the flood.

And the three Intersections of Weihe, Binhe and Communist Canal, Xinzhen, Jun County(浚县新镇卫河、滨河、共产主义渠交叉口) had been washed open and actually no government officials dealt with this matter. If the water continued flood  down, Xinyu Zhuang and He Zhuang and Liu Zhuang and  Fang Chen would be flooded as high as to merge the first floor of the buildings. Above posts were from the villagers through internet.

Many dissatisfactions regarding government disaster relief have been posted on the internet, but the government blocked vast posts against them. One of the posts shown below said: The import thing is to strengthen Emergency Management Mechanism including software and hardware. In last few years, many accidents like this had happened, but it seemed that the government had never reflected and gained experience. The revolutions and rectifications were always staying in oral. They did nothing. They changed nothing.

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