[Miles Today] The CCP Focuses on Propaganda and Factional Struggle Instead of Saving Lives After the Henan Flood

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Casualty Updates from the Henan Flood

  • Corpses are floating in the water. Some bodies have been badly disfigured, some even missing their heads.
  • Locals have estimated that the death toll could reach 50,000. The CCP officials modified the estimate to 3,000. Fewer than 5,000 deaths is politically acceptable by the CCP.
  • The tunnel segment of the Beijing-Guangzhou highway in Zhengzhou was flooded within a few minutes. It has been two days and the government has made no effort to recover the bodies from the tunnel.
  • Mr. Guo’s friend Mr. Song only found the remains of two of his three family members killed in the flood.
  • Mr. Guo expects the death toll from secondary disasters to surpass the flood by tens of thousands of times.

The CCP is busy with infighting.

  • CCP officials use the disaster as a tool for infighting against rivals within the government.
  • Henan officials are not following orders from provincial and city CCP-party secretaries, who were appointed by Xi.
  • Li Keqiang’s microphone stopped working during a call with Henan officials. Li’s questions regarding the situation were not answered. 

Yuda Hotel is open, but hospitals are closed.

  • Mr. Guo’s Yuda Hotel in Zhengzhou is providing shelter, food and water to victims. Yuda is serving as a Noah’s Ark for civilians who are seeking help.
  • Yuda has not experienced any water damage. Water that has gathered in the basement was pumped out almost immediately. All four of Yuda’s Rolls-Royce generators are working.
  • Yuda Hotel’s funds are under the control of the regulatory commission, so Yuda cannot make monetary donations to help flood victims.
  • Zhengzhou’s hospitals are closed. Theoretically, hospitals should be built following higher standards to cope with such natural disasters.

Nobody is offering help to the CCP.

  • A CCP official called a company for aid with rations, but his request was denied and was instead told to ask Xi for help. The food company believed the death toll of 20,000 was an underestimated figure.
  • CCP officials asked Taiwan and Hong Kong companies to donate money, but everyone pretended that the phone connection was poor and hung up the phone.
  • Western countries have been silent and have even treated the situation with a degree of epicaricacy. Since the CCP says socialism is the best system and Xi wants to rule the world, there’s no need to help the CCP. However, the world is helping with flood relief in Germany.
  • Henan people are paying with their lives for the CCP’s dictatorship. The Chinese are brainwashed and unaware that they are lambs to be slaughtered.

Another Muted Village

  • One village by the Yellow River was wiped out by the flood. The CCP instructed the survivors to keep what happened under wraps and for the dead to be forgotten. This is what people have come to call a muted village as they are cut off from the rest of the country and are provided with no aid.
  • Mr. Guo recalled that the CCP used the muted village strategy in the past to silence the HIV/AIDS scandal in Henan.

The CCP did no preparation despite warnings from the observatory.

  • The local observatory notified the government about heavy rains a week earlier, but the government did not prepare.
  • Within 17 hours of the flood, the Henan government sent fewer than 500 people for rescue, clearly insufficient for a province of 100 million people.
  • The government should have prepared 400,000 speed boats but there are only 100 speed boats available.
  • China Mobile and China Unicom shut down mobile phone services to prevent the truth from getting out and blocked effective communication. How many people died because they couldn’t ask for help through their phones?
  • In any disaster, governments must be transparent and tell the truth. If the government delays efforts to save lives, it is a crime against humanity.
  • Because of the flood, crematoria are not working. Collecting, identifying, and burying remains will prove to be a challenge. Mr. Guo expects Zhengzhou to smell like corpses in a day or two.
  • The CCP has ordered buildings that still have power supply to turn on their lights to show the world that Zhengzhou is doing well. However, countless people are out of water, food, and electricity.

Dictatorship leads to disasters.

  • Dictatorships will put lies ahead of truth because there are no checks and balances. That’s why we need to take down the CCP and allow every person to have voting rights.
  • Henan officials are selling out Henan people to get promotions. Henan officials said that Henan people have always been obedient to CCP’s doctrines.

Implications of the Flood

  • The Henan flood will intensify the factional struggle in the CCP and accelerate its demise.
  • 1/3 of the officials in the military are from Henan. Maybe they will wake up.
  • Secondary disasters and political disasters have just begun.
  • Everyone needs to uphold justice. If we do not help others, we may become the victims one day.
  • Mr. Guo will make a long-term plan to help the flood victims in Henan. G-series investors can contribute to this effort.

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