[Miles Today] The CCP is afraid of the butterfly effect of the Himalaya dollar. The flood in Henan is a man-made disaster by the CCP.

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A. The flood in Henan is a man-made disaster caused by the CCP.

1. The CCP knew that heavy rains were approaching a week ago, and yet they did not close schools and businesses, nor did they warn people to take necessary measures and precautions. The CCP secretly discharged water from the dams before the rain arrived. Xiaolangdi Reservoir was the first dam to discharge water.

2. Compared to Western countries, the CCP’s underground drainage facilities are poorly designed and constructed. 3. After the flood in Germany, 1,600 rescue boats and 2,000 fire-fighting boats were dispatched in just one county, and the government provided 5,000 euros per person for relief. The supplies in supermarkets have been sufficient and can be purchased on credit. In contrast, the Henan government only allocated 100 million yuan for the flood victims. Henan has a total population of 100 million, and Zhengzhou has a population of 13 million. Each Henan resident is only allocated about one yuan.

4. The CCP is blaming the climate weapons of the United States and Taiwan for the flood. Reporters are silenced, and the accurate death toll will never be known because no one will ordares to check.

B. Miles Guo’s reply to comrades-in-arms in Henan.

1. The Henan flood disaster has just begun and will affect the survival of 30 to 40 million people.

2. After a few days, there will be problems with the management of dead bodies and the disposal of garbage. After a major disaster like this one, disease will be rampant. Make sure to drink clean water, eat clean food, and prepare medicines.

3. Don’t cooperate with the CCP in any aspect, and don’t use this situation to profit from the dead.

4. Leave or stay away from the disaster’s epicenter.

5. The Whistleblowers Movement will have a unified rescue plan for the disaster area, which cannot be disclosed at this time.

C. The CCP’s large-scale attack on the Whistleblowers Movement has completely failed.

1. The CCP has meticulously planned the infiltration of the Whistleblowers Movement since May. The betrayal of Lude and Limeng Yan is one of its plans. The purposes of this attack are as follows:

  1) To compromise An Hong and Mulan;

  2) Instigate division between Mr. Bannon and the Whistleblowers Movement;

  3) Prevent the listing of the Himalaya Coin.

None of the above goals were achieved. The plan has completely failed.

2. The CCP launched the highest-level hacking on the Himalaya Dollar. The evidence was successfully obtained by the West. The lawsuit against the CCP hackers jointly initiated by many western countries was promoted by the hacking of the Himalaya Dollar.

3. There is around $100 billion waiting to invest in the Himalaya Dollar. The coming butterfly effect brought about by the listing of the Himalaya Coin scares the CCP.

4. The largest counter-Whistleblowers campaign in the history of the CCP involves 400-460 agents infiltrating Himalaya farms. At present, only about 40 agents have been exposed, and 400 others are still lurking. We will wait and see.

D. Current Problems of the Himalaya Farms

1. Some initiatives started with a bang but fizzled out. The abilities of global cooperation, global coordination, and information gathering are poor.

2. GNews does not have good articles. GTV has a few good shows, but they have not captured the essence of the problems.

3. The determination to destroy the CCP is not strong enough. There is still a big gap between the establishment of the New Federal State of China and the destruction of the CCP.

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