[GT Online]CCP will Fight Back against the US Endless Frontier Act

Written by: Potato

Proofread by: April on Earth

Image Source:Phoenix

According to a report from Phoenix Military Channel on July 24, 2021, it said that the US passed the Endless Frontier Act proposal, which is for their world leader dream.

IA Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said the Act “distorts facts, interfere China’s domestic and foreign policies, propagating the China threat theory, riddled with cold War mentality and ideological prejudice “.

To fight back against US interference and sabotage, the CCP prepared six strategies as below:

1 Be prepared for a long struggle against hegemonism

2 CCP should take the initiative in diplomacy and public opinion (using their BGYed allies)

3 Make the CCP even stronger  

4 Take the initiative to counter sanctions

5 Use domestic think tanks (propaganda to brainwash Chinese and hide the truth)

6 Cooperate the country’s political and diplomatic struggle with military action ( threat the world to start wars !)

The article says that the United States, in partnership with other countries, is suppressing CCP China. However who is trying to become the world’s hegemon? Miles Guo revealed the CCP’s evil secret 13579 plan which is attempting to use viruses and vaccines to control and threaten the world, eliminate the dollar and finally become the world leader!


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