[GT Online] Last Official from Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Hong Kong Will Return Ahead of Schedule

Author: Grace

Proofreader: Sister Karamazov

Image Source: Duowei

According to a report published by dwnews on July 22, after Hong Kong had withdrawn its staff from the Hong Kong Economic, Trade and Cultural Office, and made the “One-China Commitment” as a visa requirement for officials of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Hong Kong, seven Taiwan officials in Hong Kong returned to Taiwan on June 20, leaving only Ni Bojia, an official of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Hong Kong, and his visa will expire on July 30.

Recently, because “the Hong Kong government does not want to give her a visa and intend to let the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Hong Kong to be closed and empty”, Ni Bojia had no choice but to book a ticket to return to Taiwan ahead of schedule. In response, the Mainland Affairs Council said that her early return to Taiwan is to adapt to the current Taiwan-Hong Kong flight schedule.

The Mainland Affairs Council also said, “The Chinese Communist Party and the Hong Kong government have unreasonably suppressed Taiwan’s office in Hong Kong and unilaterally damaged Taiwan-Hong Kong relations. They must be responsible for all the consequences”.

Source“名存实亡” 台湾驻港办最后一名官员将提前返台

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