Worse Than HELL:Inside China’s Largest Prison

~~ Where 10,000 Inmates Are Brainwashed, Tortured and Electrocuted With Cattle Prods ~~

July 23, 2021

The Urumqi No. 3 Detention Centre in Dabancheng is the largest in China and possibly the world, with a complex that sprawls over 220 acres – twice the size of Vatican City.It holds around 10,000 inmates with the vast majority being Uyghurs and other mostly Muslim minorities.

Satellite imagery shows that new buildings stretching for almost a mile were added to the Dabancheng detention facility in 2019.Accounts from inside the prison describe a place ”worse than hell” with horrid living conditions as inmates are being subjected to torture.A report by the International Amnesty last month branded the centre a ”dystopian hellscape”.There are 22 rooms with chairs and computers where inmates are allowed to chat with lawyers, relatives, and police via video, as they are strapped to their seats.There is also a list of guidelines hanging on the wall instructing staff on the protocol of how to deal with sick inmates as well force-feed those on hunger strikes.

Although China makes legal records easily accessible otherwise, almost 90 per cent of criminal records in Xinjiang are not public.

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