[GT Online]CCP Boasts the Subway System Anti-nuclear Weapons, but Vulnerable during Flood

Written by Potato

Proofread by April on Earth

According to the video news from 163.net on July 23, 2021, based on the traffic engineering and air defense design of the Communist China subway system, the nuclear weapon resistance level of the underground structure can reach five or six.

Video said building the subway system is more of a military necessity, The CCP’s first Premier Zhou Enlai once mentioned that the construction of the subway is entirely for the purpose of war preparation.

Although the subway in Communist China is 118 years later than the western countries, Communist China will be the country with the longest total subway mileage in the world, said the video. It also boasted that Communist China builds subways very fast while other countries are very slow.

 Lung Ying-Tai is a famous Taiwanese writer and cultural critic. Her words were quoted in the video, (The background of the video at this moment is a New York subway full of water under heavy rain, thus satirizing the United States’s infrastructure is old)

People asked: “What is a developing country?”She answered: “It’s better to have a downpour last full three hours. If you walk around with an umbrella and find that your trousers are wet but not dirty, traffic is slow but not clogged, and the streets are slippery but not flooded, you are probably in an advanced country. If you find stagnant water, a shopkeeper’s teakettle comb floating down the street, or a child fishing for fish in a pot at a crossroads, you are probably in a developing country.”

At the end of this video, it showed former U.S. President Trump’s speech “China is treated as a developing country, but we are not treated as a developing country” (In fact President Trump was talking about the unfair trade between the United States and China.) This implied that Communist China VS the US in terms of the subway system, the former is more advanced.

However isn’t it so ironic that Zhengzhou’s subway is telling the truth to the world? If it is so advanced, why were many people trapped in the subway and losing their lives during the flood? If the subway system is really strong, why there is no emergency plan and rescue solution for those desperate people?

Now even the dead people not yet completed taken out from the subway and tunnels in Zhengzhou City, the CCP propaganda has immediately produced a video praising itself and criticizing the United States, how shameless they are! We must take down the CCP otherwise nobody is safe!


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