[GT Online] Zhou Shiping, Chairman of SUNA was Arrested with 15.8B Yuan Left to Be Paid by Hongling Capital

Author: Grace

Proofreader: April on Earth

Image Source: 久贷网

According to a report published by Sina Finance on July 22, on the evening of the same day, SUNA Co., Ltd. (5.450, -0.61, -10.07%) announced that the Chairman of the company Zhou Shiping had been taken into criminal compulsory measures by the Futian Branch of the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau. The case is under investigation, but the company could not be informed of the exact status of the case.

It is reported that Zhou Shiping no longer holds any position in the company after resigning from the relevant positions of chairman and legal representative of SUNA in May 2021. The criminal compulsory measures taken against Zhou Shiping are related to his personal case and have nothing to do with SUNA.

The report said that in 2009, Zhou Shiping founded the online lending platform Hongling Capital in Shenzhen. Four years later, Hongling Capital had become a leading company in the online lending industry. Zhou Shiping was also called the “godfather of southern online lending.” In 2015, Zhou Shiping became the shareholder and actual controller of Sunnada (now SUNA) and led Sunnada to transform into a financial business.

According to Sina Finance, in March 2019, Hongling Capital officially announced its liquidation. After Hongling Capital completed its 53rd payment this year, Hongling Capital has paid out a total of 2.548 billion yuan, including 36.6 million yuan for small payments and 7.2 million yuan for P2P payments, leaving 15.837 billion yuan to be paid out.

Regarding the currently existing Internet lending platforms in CCP China, although they have all stopped their business, the funds for the lenders have not been returned, and various so-called lender withdrawal plans have been devised. It is actually the last resort to harvest the lender. Because no matter how they explain it, it can’t cover up the history and present of these platforms’ violations of laws and regulations.


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