[GT Online] Mihe Town Became an “Island” After Being Hit by a Huge Flood

Author: Grace

Proofreader: Sister Karamazov

Image Source: Xingjing

According to a report published by Xinjing News on July 23, Mihe Town and the downstream villages of Gongyi City, Zhengzhou, were hit by a huge flood on July 20, the very day Mihe Town became an “island”. Even a seven-story building in the town’s Mingyue New Village was swept away by the flooding.

According to Xinjing, from July 20 to 21, there were water and power outages throughout Mihe Town. People’s communications were cut off. Mihe Town is one of the areas most seriously affected by flooding in Gongyi City. From the evening of July 21, the flood waters gradually receded, and rescue workers in various colors of uniforms could be seen everywhere in the township for carrying out dredging, personnel transfer, and other works.

It’s reported that on July 22, Mihe Town’s deputy secretary told a reporter that Mihe Town has initially restored some communications, the network in the town is basically smooth, the town’s water and electricity supply is being restored, and the town’s damage data is being collected.

Unfortunately, in this report, the reporter did not mention whether the flood that Mihe Town was affected by was a natural disaster or a man-made disaster. We don’t know whether this reporter intended not to report the reason or didn’t care to report it, or even, didn’t think about it – since that might be a “thoughtcrime”.


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