[GT Online] CCP Desperately Muddy the Waters After WHO Plan for the Second Study of CCP Virus Origin

Written/Translated by: Monsoon Yangon

Proofread by: Sister Karamazov

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As reported by qq.com on both July 22nd and July 23rd (local time), deputy chief director of National Health Commission Yixin Zeng(曾益新) announced at a press briefing of the State Council Information Office of CCP that he was “shocked” to hear the information regarding lab leak theory of CCP virus from WIV(Wuhan Institute Virology) due to violation of SOP(standard operation procedures).

He argued, “this statement is neither scientific, nor does it make sense”. He also said that “some people used to wonder whether this SARS-CoV-2 is a man-made virus, but more experts didn’t find signs of human manipulation after deeper analysis, so this ‘lab leak theory’ has been fundamentally denied.”  Meanwhile, researcher in WIV, Zhiming Yuan(袁志明) claimed that there is “no lab leak ever” since WIV’s establishment in 2018 given the fact that WIV is a lab with the highest level of security (P4).

Obviously, the CCP authority are trying hard to cover up the truth of the deliberate release of CCP virus instead of careless lab leak. They are still bluffing and quibbling with their powerful propaganda. If CCP were truly that innocent as what they claimed themselves were, why don’t they just allow WHO to come and investigate? After all, this would be an excellent opportunity to come clean.

Apart from that, it is hilarious to see that Yixin Zeng claimed that “‘lab leak theory’ has been fundamentally denied”, while at the same time, another CCP mouthpiece, “global times” reported that “more than 5.5 million netizens demand a thorough investigation of Fort Detrick lab in US”. This blatant self-contradiction is such a disgrace.

CCP’s long-term bioweapon plan is so obvious that it has even been revealed in their textbook and news report in the past several years. But now they are trying to get rid of all of their responsibilities and even try to make other countries as scapegoat. History leaves traces, it is no use to muddy the waters right now. CCP will only make a fool of themselves.

The conclusion of the 90-day CCP virus origin investigation by the US government will be announced soon, let’s buckle up!


腾讯网 国家卫健委:武汉P4实验室投用以来没发生任何泄露事件


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