【G Times】 Understanding Mainland China’s Bureaucratic Logic from Zhengzhou’s Man-Made Disaster

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On July 20, the entire city of Zhengzhou, Henan Province was inundated. Floating corpses here and there. Mourning was everywhere. Countless deaths and injuries. This tragedy could have been completely avoided, but the CCP authorities did nothing to prevent it. Not only did they cover up the situation, they allowed it to happen.

The Chinese Communist Party officially blamed the disaster on the weather, and lied in the media that the heavy rain was “once in 1,000 years.”

In fact, the amount of rainfall this time is less than half of what it was 46 years ago. Where did the “once in 1,000 years” come from? Moreover, the official shirk of responsibility and what the media called the “storm once in 1,000 years” began on July 17 and lasted until July 20 when people drowned in many areas within Zhengzhou. The mainstream media of the Chinese Communist Party did not report this.

So then, raises the following questions:

1. Don’t all government departments watch the weather forecast?

If you read the weather forecast and know that there is a “not seen in 1000 years” rainstorm approaching, why not prepare in advance? For example, discharge swells in advance and empty reservoirs to avoid the risk of dam failure caused by high water levels?

2. Why not make preparations for emergency rescue, disaster containment, and disaster relief in advance? 

The torrential downpour which fell between July 17th and July 20th caused ravaging floods in which  people were trapped and drowned. There were no rescue boats, not a rescue and medical team to be seen throughout the city.

Why was this?

Let us first understand the cause of the matter.

Although heavy rain pummelled Henan on July 17, there was no tragedy of people drowning in the streets throughout Zhengzhou. It was not until 7 pm Beijing time on July 20 that people were trapped, drowned, and loss of lives was widespread. Tragic footage were being circulated.

What caused the unstoppable and ravaging Zhengzhou flood?

Is this a natural disaster or a man-made disaster?

According to local news reports, the Changzhuang Reservoir, Guojiazui Reservoir and Jialu River in Zhengzhou City suffered severe water-logging due to the unprecedented continuous heavy rainfall. And devastating floods in Zhengzhou City had caused serious damage to the railway, highway and civil aviation traffic in Zhengzhou City. 

At around 10:30 am on July 20, the Changzhuang Reservoir dam in the highlands west of Zhengzhou collapsed, and raging flood water gushed into the city. The government did not immediately notify or warn the city. It was not  until around 7 pm after several flood fatalities did officials issue a vague announcement.

At 1:30 am on July 21, the dam of Guojiazui Reservoir in the southern highlands of Zhengzhou was breached. This information was accidentally leaked by CCTV. Zhengzhou water conservancy officials later refuted the “rumour” that there was a breach of the dam and further concealed the disaster, which allowed the flood to swell uncontrollably and worsened the situation.

Eventually  due to the collapse of two highland reservoirs, floods raged  into the city at high speed, swiftly engulfing a 4-km-long tunnel in just ten minutes. On the streets, countless of people, vehicles, and livestock were washed away by the flood.

This was a 100% man-made disaster!

Why not clear the swells in advance and trigger early warning?

Why not make preparations for disaster relief and rescue in advance?

Under CCP’s rule, officials at all levels of government have always only looked after their own skin, and not cared too much about the welfare of people’s lives and properties.

For the 7.20 flood, their logic is :

Reservoir officials:

——If swells were discharged in advance and small disasters were used to avoid major disasters, who will be responsible for the downstream property and personnel losses?

Therefore, take advantage of the torrential rains causing ruthless floods turning the situation into a major disaster. Then we can hide behind “act of God”. Never mind the countless of people who will lose their lives.

Metro official:

——If the operations were stopped, who will compensate for the lost work, overtime, labor, and economic losses of the company?

Therefore, the subway will flood, and so will the brain. It’s business as usual. Never mind the countless of people who will lose their lives.

Other officials:

–Is it any of my business? Anyway, it won’t affect me!

Just like that,  a tragedy that could have been avoided turns into a catastrophe.

And, when the subway was engulfed, and the train was trapped in the tunnel, passengers in the car had multiple chances to escape, but why did they end up suffocating?

1. They overestimated the government’s will to save them. The flood water rose to their necks, and they calmly swiped their phones and waited to be rescued

2. They underestimated their ability to save themselves.

When the train was trapped, the conductor should have promptly opened the doors of the train whilst the power system was still running to allow the passengers to escape; Also, passengers should proactively save themselves. Among the trapped passengers, there were some who broke the window and escaped, indicating that there was a chance to save themselves..

In the face of disaster, please remember two points:

1. The speed of your reaction determines your probability of survival.

2. The best chance to save yourself is to avoid falling into despair.

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