[Miles Guo’s Gettr Excerpts] July 21, 2021: The Henan Floods Reveal The CCP’s False State and Mafia State

Author: MOS Translation Group – Wenya621

A. The Current Situation of Flooding in Henan

  1. Traffic is at a halt. There are no lifeboats to rescue people. Funds have been embezzled.
  2. A large number of secondary disasters have occurred. The previous embezzlement, counterfeit, scam, and corruption led to poor quality constructions so that the mechanical and electrical facilities face challenges.
  3. There is no water, no electricity, no food, and no network, making it impossible for people to call for help or contact the outside world.
  4. There are no medical facilities. The hospital staff ran away. The medical system collapsed.

B. The CCP’s Response to the Henan Floods

  1. To prevent the spread of the truth, the CCP cut off the network and electricity, arrested and threatened a large number of people, and covered up the truth.
  2. Brainwashing people with both foreign and internal propaganda. Externally, the CCP claims that everything is fine. Internally, the CCP tells people to hold on, claiming that Europe is also dying. The CCP uses fallacies and lies to describe black as white.
  3. The CCP has never confronted the substance of the problem, claiming that overcoming disasters can make the country prosper, and after the catastrophe, Zhengzhou will usher in a better future.

C. The Nature of the Henan Floods

  1. The CCP’s dictatorship has caused officials to pursue only power and money at the cost of fairness and social justice. Without supervision, there is extreme corruption, no truth, and no fairness. When encountering natural or man-made disasters, society cannot respond because people’s energy is completely focused on power and money. Morality, education, and public welfare funds are nonexistent.
  2. It is the result of the CCP’s dictatorship, corruption, brainwashing of the people, and the deception and hollowing out of the society.
  3. The final analysis is a disaster caused by the CCP’s false state and a mafia state. Therefore, if we do not take down the CCP, this kind of disaster will continue in the future.

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Miles Guo’s Gettr on July 21, 2021

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