February 8, 2020. CCP Exterminator Miles Guo’s Crusade Against Communism


•The CCP is on the verge of collapse. Expose Revolution Suppress Team is walking to their death. We are fully aware of their activities.
•We won’t let you run away after you sold your stock shares; Why business tycoons kept quiet.
•Confrontation between brotherhoods. Why is Xi’s office no longer in Zhongnanhai.
•The third gate’s almost ready; The US getting involved in the investigation is the key; “Saving Beijing & Shanghai while giving up Hubei” turns into “Beijing vs. Shanghai”.
•Continue to deceive for political propaganda regardless of people’s live in front of disaster.
•Scenes of the Great Famine leap into my eyes; Wuhan’s virus is artificially created against Hongkong; They’ll find scapegoats; Xi is the most responsible person.
•Who benefit the most from arresting one million corrupt officials? Wuhan’s epidemic is the result of internal power struggle.