【Domestic News Observation】From Wuhan Virus to Henan Flood, Compatriots, it’s Time to Wake up!

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I was utterly awakened this morning when I saw a video of people trapped in a subway with water above their waist. More horrible videos and pictures of the incident were flooding my screen when I was swiping down.

The floods in Henan caused countless casualties and grief, and the official media were still reporting the floods in Europe under established guidelines.

Those official prostitutes, who have sexual relations with senior leaders, are still singing praises of the selective blindness of the local governments in front of the camera while expressing their condescending sympathy for the disasters in other countries.

Those well-trained media brazenly wrote, “After heavy rain, the city will be cleaner”. They spread disinformation such as the German floods are “tragedy”, and the floods are “inevitable” under extreme weather in Henan, which deceived hundreds of millions of pink slogans. For instance “hold on”, “be strong “, “come on” …

Videos and texts that sent out calls for help made people burst into tears. Netizens retweet these videos and texts, which opened life-saving channels. At this moment, the official TV station is still playing the anti-Japanese drama.

Every Chinese must know one thing: we can only rely on ourselves when facing life-threatening challenges. But, unfortunately, the Chinese people are still asleep.

In 2018, Henan media also fully reported on constructing a “sponge” project with an investment of 53.4 billion yuan in 2020, which claims that Zhengzhou will never be flooded again. Now, this report is becoming increasingly “glittering” against the backdrop of the monstrous flood.

I believe that when we wake up tomorrow, the whole news inside the firewall must to be “Henan people are in a stable mood.”

After the disaster, undoubtedly, those corruptive ruling leaders will again claim that they achieved a glorious and remarkable victory in disaster relief.

The most vicious curses are not enough to quell the anger in my heart towards the Chinese Communist Party. The demons smashed the bones and marrow of the Chinese people. Although one hundred years have passed, they still live vividly after wiping the human blood from the corners of their mouths. It’s just that the Chinese people have been brainwashed and killed by them one after another. Those are our compatriots.How can we not be heartbroken?

The flood will always recede, but one thing we must remember is that it is our people who save ourselves. If we still attribute all this to the CCP, it would be stubborn and a pity to die!

When the CCP virus broke out in Wuhan, who issued the warning and who was saving people? It was the doctors and nurses! Not the CCP! The CCP created the virus and locked everyone at home!

When the flood comes, who is delivering the truth to the outside world? Who save people in flood? It is the ordinary people Laobaixing, not the CCP! The CCP hides in the media to promote their glory days!

The Chinese inside and outside the firewall must truly awaken and join together to eliminate the CCP, return our beautiful mountains and rivers, and our free life and beliefs!

(The above images are from the Internet, the article represents the author’s views only and has nothing to do with GNEWS platform)


Compilation Picture I

Hu Xijin ( a Chinese journalist and editor of the Global Times, a state-owned tabloid under the auspices of the CCP’s official People’s Daily newspaper.)

Heavy rain fell violently in Henan, and Zhengzhou dropped 201.9 millimeters in one hour. This is certainly one of the heaviest rains per unit time this year worldwide. I am from Henan, and I am familiar with many places in Henan where heavy rainfall occurs. This extreme weather leads to flooding is inevitable, and some videos look alarming. I only hope that people are safe.

Be safe,Henan! Come on, Henan!

Hu Xijin

July 17,2021

Floods in Germany have caused 133 fatalities, and many are missing. This is a tragedy. The German floods also washed away the “urban conscience” underground drainage channels built by the Germans in Qingdao, leaving behind the myth of the “tarpaulin bag”. From the collapse of a building in Miami to the floods in Germany, and anti-humanitarian manifestations of Western countries in the epidemic. The wave after wave has deeply affected the Chinese people’s original understanding of Western governance and their loyalty to humanitarianism.

(With so many lives still uncertain in the Zhengzhou floods, the situation and rescue operations are entirely unknown in the Chinese world.) The Global Times’ front-page headline on July 20, 2021, reads, “Europe’s Raging Floods Prompt Deep Reflection.

Compilation Picture II

# Henan rainstorm # I was in the hospital visiting my father-in-law outside the city; coincidentally, I am not in Zhengzhou. I learned that the heavy rain in Zhengzhou was devastating after I received greeting messages from my friend. I turned on the TV in the hotel to see how the disaster was going. None of the channels in Henan went live to report it. Henan Satellite TV played the anti-Japanese drama.

My cousin has been trapped on (subway) Line 2 for three hours. The water had already flooded his chest (he is 1.83 meters tall) when he called half an hour ago. He felt very uncomfortable soaking in the water. Also, there are children in the subway, and everyone is taking turns holding them. It’s heartbreaking.

Compilation Picture III

Zhengzhou invested 53.4 billion yuan to build the “sponge” city bid farewell to watching the sea

January 16, 2018

Today, the “Zhengzhou City Master Plan (2017-2030)” was officially announced to the public. By 2020, Zhengzhou will invest 53.48 billion yuan in the construction of a sponge city project.

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