[Miles Guo’s GTV Broadcast Summary] July 20, 2021: Catastrophic Flooding in Henan Killed Countless People and In-undated Combat Command Center Against Taiwan

Author: MOS Translation Group – GBW

Tragic Loss in Henan Flooding

Mr. Guo expects the death toll from the flooding in Henan to surpass 10,000. Mr. Guo’s friend Mr. Song in Zhengzhou lost three family members, and another friend Mr. Bi’s family suffered one death.

Mysteriously, the cell phone signals and electricity in the flooded zone went out, so the victims lost communication. However, the police knew how to find the victims’ families and told them to remain silent. This is the so-called “Fengqiao Lesson,” meaning resolving the problems locally.

Image Source: GTV

The Yuda Prophecy

  • It is very strange that the pink area in the map, the second-highest ground in the city of Zhengzhou, is flooded.
  • Zhengzhou Yuda Hotel developed by Miles Guo is located here. Early this year, Yuda was auctioned by the CCP at a price of one-fourth of the original development cost. The prophecy says that demolition or sale of Yuda will lead to a change of leadership in China.
  • Henan Province is doomed because Henan has the most corrupt government in China. Henan contributes substantial agricultural products and taxes, but its health and education services are the worst. Talented people left the province. The CCP has destroyed the culture and morals in Henan, which used to host the capital cities of nine dynasties.

Combat Command Center Against Taiwan Inundated

  • The pink area in the map contains the CCP’s Artillery Academy, School of Surveying and Mapping, and the PLA Academy. These institutions are linked through the subway lines, which channeled the flood to these buildings.
  • Many people in the PLA Academy died in the floods.
  • The Combat Command Center Against Taiwan is also located here. The center’s basement, 40 meters below ground, is flooded. Quite a few senior officials of the Command Center were killed. God wants to save Taiwan.
  • The CCP’s evil cause has led to tragic consequences.

The quick notes may contain errors. If there are disputes, please refer to the original broadcast on GTV.

Original Broadcast:

Miles Guo’s Broadcast on July 20, 2021

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