GTV UK Weekly Interview With Mr. Bannon (21st July 2021)

Author: TCC / Audit:TCC | Page: Rain
Host: Mike Hua, Contributors: Angela, Castle, Mike Hua, TCC, Winston



The flooding status in Zhengzhou, Henan has clearly demonstrated the result of the CCP’s corruption. Mr. Bannon and fellow warriors of Himalaya London Club UK pray for people suffering flooding in China.

1 Mr. Bannon’s comments on Tuesday’s Congress hearing that Dr. Fauci and senator Rand Paul, accused each other of lying about whether the U.S. taxpayer’s money was involved in Wuhan’s gain of function research.

(Mike) US and allies accused Beijing of hacking US companies, like Microsoft. Another US company GETTR, however, is hacked at first day of launch but nobody has paid too much attention on this. Is hacking American company tantamount to attacking the US?

(Castle) CCP declared friendship with Taliban, and says Taliban is NOT a terrorist organization, almost immediately after Biden administration decided to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. How should the current administration respond to the CCP-Taliban alliance?

Edited by:【Himalaya London Club UK】

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