A Large Number of People were Killed and Injured by a Flood in Henan

Author: Dolores

On July, Zhengzhou, Henan Province suffered heavy rain, which lasted from the 19th to the 20th. There was serious water accumulation in many roads in the urban area.​​​

On the 20th, Zhengzhou subway experienced serious water accumulation. As the number of people affected by the disaster increased, a large number of videos and pictures were also posted online.

A picture was reposted that the girl was just rescued by people.She almost lost her young life. Another picture shows that three citizens have already been  covered clothes on their heads. Obviously they lost their lives.

Many videos have also received online. One of the videos showed that at least 5 citizens were lying on the subway station, unable to judge the life or death. The photographer issued a call for help to the public, asking them to contact the nearby hospital to come for rescue. 

In another video, the photographer said that the flood has reached his neck and the water level has been rising, making citizens trapped in the subway. He feels more difficult to breathe.

Another video shows a woman trapped in the dawn. She is pessimistic that her mobile phone immediately runs out of power. She said that might be the last WeChat message she sent.

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