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1. Please always remember that you have made history, all the people, whether you are opposing  me or supporting  me , you have created history! This moment deserves our pride.

2. Remember, everyone, we will surely be reunited soon in the “Dragon head” of Pangu Plaza, and get together with the goal of achieving Himalaya, i.e.  creating a China under the rule of law, a China with freedom.

3. Everyone must remember that the our Whistleblowers’ Movement will never get involved in internal U.S. politics.

4. A past master should be good at using mistakes, disasters and setbacks that he has encountered. It will enable you to become stronger and powerful.

5. Fellow fighters, the reason we have been able to persist the Whistleblowers’ Movement until today, it is fundamentally because we have been pursuing truth and virtue, moreover, we must be ruthless to the enemy.

6. There are things that cannot be controlled by our will, there may exist gaps in time for some things to happen, but I believe the final result cannot be changed.

7. Every fellow fighter should remember that the greatest return to those who love you is that you live a better and healthier life.


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