Living in the Lie 1

This series will show the news Chinese regular people watching every day. It includes top politic or living related hot topics mainland Chinese are caring about every day. Most of the contents are from Weibo, Wechat, Tencent News and other so called “CCP mainstream media”.

  1. Foreign ministry spokesman:Perhaps, US military brought the pandemic to Wuhan. America owns us an explanation.

It says American seasonal flu outbreak started from September 29, 2019. Spokesman Huachunying asked how many of those flu cases related to CCP coronavirus? Together with the spokesman Zhaolijian twitter asking for the explanation from America.

  • 2 .A poison king destroyed a city.

A person named Guoweipeng travelled from Italy back to Zhengzou and caused potential close 39373 contacts. If there are outbreaks inside of China, all of them will be come from overseas.

  • 3.Jiangxi province decreases the emergency response to level 2. There are 25 provinces decreased the level. Everything seems perfect in China.
  • 4.“Thanks to China” is a very popular slogan in Spanish’s social media. Spanish think US take them as pest, in other wise, China is helping us.
  • 5.Hot trend in Weibo: Italy Netizens are keeping thanking to Chinese embassy because of the supplies.
  • 6.Hot trend in Weibo: Immigrants have to fill up the health form right.

Up to March 11, confirmed cases from overseas input increases to 85. The trend shows Chinese people are worrying about it.

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