[Athena Observation] The pseudo-logic of pseudo-classes

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These claims are absolutely absurd and almost naïve, and normally we don’t even bother to refute. But since the recent dramatic turn of events taken part by the Lude Media, Dr. Yan and so-called “Doctors group”, I feel that it is necessary to write about these baseless claims and deconstruct those absurd logics adopted by the CCP’s pseudo classes in smearing the Whistleblowers’s Movement and Mr. Guo.

Today on Twitter, I saw a few pseudo-classes tweeting and posting a screenshot that shows XX Farms would disqualify anyone from investing in G-series if he or she continues to support and donate to Lude Media. They are telling everyone that XX Farms were just looking for a reasonable ground to kick out these people and then disparage the G-Series as a scam. This logic of the pseudo-classes is ridiculous!

When there is a cancellation to any of the G series investments, then there will be a refund of the investor’s money. Not only will the investors not suffer any losses, but they can finally and safely have their invested funds back in their own pocket, once and for all. Wouldn’t that be in their best interest if they regard the G series as a scam?

Since the introduction of G series products, all the G associated companies have been duly registered and operate independently. Among which, GTV’s parent company also attracted some of the most well-established investors such as Mr. John A. Morgan. Mr. Morgan is sitting on the board of directors. Why would a member of the Morgan family (a prominent family since the late 19th century), put his two-hundred-year-old family reputation at stake to deceive any fellow fighter tens of thousands of dollars (or even thousands of dollars)? And in the process of restructuring the GTV, the original investors did not need to spend a penny more to get ten times of the new GTV stocks. At the same time, the investors also have the option of withdrawing the investment and getting the original invested amount back. So is there any basis at all for the pseudo-classes to call the GTV investment as a scam”?

The assertion that Mr. Guo is a “CCP Agent” is even more absurd. It is well known that the United States has a Foreign Agent Registration Act, which requires agents representing foreign interests in a “political or quasi-political capacity” to disclose information about their relationship with foreign governments, related activities, and funding. According to this law, anyone who represents the interests of the CCP must be registered in the United States, otherwise it would violate the laws of the United States. This is exactly why Elliott Broidy, the former top fundraiser of President Trump, had to plead guilty, admitting that he had participated in the secret operation of repatriating Mr. Miles Guo on behalf of the CCP and Malaysian Interests; and this is also why Bruno Wu (吴征)had to publicly register as an agent of the CCP.

If Mr. Guo is indeed a CCP agent, or a CCP spy, and he has not registered under the Foreign Agent Registration Act, he clearly breached the law and will inevitably face trial in court. Hence, why the pseudo-classes still have not taken Cheater-Guo to court? Since Mr. Guo first started the Whistleblowers’ Movement in 2017, he has quickly gained unprecedented popularity, and become a well-known public figure all over the world. How could there be such a blatant “spy” in the world who is doing live broadcasts and posting Gettr every day? For more than four years, no court in the United States has charged Mr. Guo for violating the Foreign Agent Registration Act. So once again, needless to say, the narratives of the pseudo-classes are plainly false, illogical and fully contradictory.

In the past few years, the CCP has used the power of entire nation to deport Mr. Guo because of his lethal influence on the CCP. These facts have already been confirmed by the U.S. Department of Justice. In addition, recently Mr. Guo also won a lawsuit against Michael Waller. Dinggang Wang claimed that Mr. Guo used the Fifth Amendment under the Constitution to refuse to answer the question of “Chinese spies” in court. For interested readers, the details on this topic are covered in the GNEWS article titled “The Confusing Logic of the Amendment to the Constitution” 【雅典娜观察】亡腚肛关于宪法修正案的混乱逻辑). There is no need to repeat it here. Any ordinary person, with basic sense and analytical skill will sneer at pseudo-classes’ claims once again.

Pseudo-classes like Dinggang Wang initially were nobody! Only by being close to Mr. Guo Wengui and getting the support from all the fellow fighters of the Whistleblowers’ Movement, he gained today’s media spotlight and personal aura. It is not hard to see that the pseudo-logic of the pseudo-classes has all the fatal flaws, and the opinions they expressed are nothing but self-contradictory. Therefore, once they started to attack the Whistleblowers’ Movement, they cannot justify themselves down the line. In the end, they will only head to a dead end. To those who are still in doubt, my advice would be the best is stay away from the Whistleblowers’ Movement and the New Federal state of China.

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