[Miles Guo’s Excerpts] July 17, 2021: The Most Difficult Thing is the Judgment and Cognition Of Good and Evil

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  1. Looking back to the past four years, the virus, the massacre in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, HNA, the death of Wang Jian, China’s entire economy, the BGY, the 3F plan, the 13579 plan, the penetration of the United States, the collapse of the Chinese concept stocks and so on. The security and survival of the Chinese overseas and the way for Chinese children to study abroad are basically ruined by the CCP.  All well-known Chinese companies, such as Evergrande, Minsheng, Shengjing, etc., their main leaders were almost all over.
  2. Recently, the China National Security Commission has established a special case team for extraordinarily large cases. Who is the purpose of arresting? It is nothing more than catching Shanghai gangs such as Meng Jianzhu, Zeng Qinghong, Jiang Zemin, and Han Zheng. Without the selfless and risky contributions of domestic comrades-in-arms, we cannot have this information.
  3. The most expensive thing in the world is the truth, and the most difficult thing is the judgment and cognition of good and evil.
  4. To use the truth of viruses to destroy the CCP was first pointed out by the Whistleblower Movement. If there is no media, no political connections, no huge operations and public relations behind it, the three reports of Li-Meng Yan cannot be posted online, nor can the CCP can be taken down.
  5. Wengui has 1,000% confidence in taking down the CCP, but not so much confidence in whether 1.4 billion Chinese people can distinguish right from wrong and distinguish between good and evil.
  6. Before the G series came into being in 2020, Wengui always paid out and gave a lot of money out. But no one was grateful or spoke fair words. You won’t stick to it if another person was in the same place.
  7. As soon as the Chinese heard about a leader being arrested, all the people around him surrendered and betrayed the leader without loyalty. On the contrary, the employees of Pangu and Yuda and someone in Founer and Haitong are absolutely loyal and never give up. Wengui is so proud of it.
  8. The Chinese race has no problem. It is the viral culture of the CCP that has transformed Chinese people. As long as China has the rule of law, civilization, and knowledge of the world, and people can open their eyes, open their ears, and hear different sounds, China can become the holy land of the world’s races just like Hong Kong and Singapore.
  9. Don’t complain, no one is a god, do yourself well.

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Miles Guo’s Gettr on July 17, 2021

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