Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on July 15th, 2021

Translated by Melbourne Athena Himalaya / Lish

Proofread by Melbourne Athena Himalaya / Zhi Shi

1. I just finished working out. I received too many messages from comrades inside China, but I couldn’t answer them one by one, especially our comrades in Tibetan and Liaoning willing to see me. The comrades’ request is the most important. G-Translators is fantastic, which already has many viewers, compared to just over 50,000 viewers of my channel. The Chinese users on GETTR are less than 1%.

2. Thanks for the domestic comrades to pass down the economic situation in China, unlike Wang Dinggang (Big-Head Lu) unrealistic suggestions such as restore food and the U.S. dollar. Xu Jiayin and I have no grievances, but he must fall because the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) must fall. The size of the entire CCP economy could buy two United States and two and a half Europe, is it possible?! Real estate has no impact on foreign countries, then what other income source does  have? The only one is the processing industry, such as Apple, Nike, etc. However, the global is blacklisting you, and it is impossible to go any further. I heard that the nine-fingered demon and chicken leg Pan gathered. The purpose of their gathering is nothing more than to think that the Lion King fell, the Lion King won’t fall. One of the essential things in this world is strength. Their meeting is just frightening others, and the people they can fool away are the ones we don’t want.

3. Let’s talk about the economy. How to fool the country since nothing is produced? The CCP’s so-called RMB appreciation is the offshore RMB, also called the international RMB. Several offshore centers in Hong Kong, Singapore, and St. Petersburg are the bait for the CCP leaders when they go out and fool around with building several offshore RMB centers. In the past, offshore RMB was only in Hong Kong. The offshore center established in Africa, the Middle East, South America, is the 24-hour strategic partnership brotherhood or alliance relationship. Especially after 2008, no leader does not talk about this. There are only a few trillion dollars of offshore RMB. They printed 200 trillion RMB and took small part of it to the outside, buy some back if value increases, and put some out if the value decreases. Supply and demand are controlled by the CCP, which is the manipulation of the exchange rate. Such a currency is not worth a dime, which is equivalent to putting a watered-down bomb on the international scene and is not pegged to the U.S.dollar. The purpose is to cheat the poor countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The dictatorship’s sole currency without transparency, which staying in Chinese banks is definitely not your money, and people with big money simply can’t remit it. The aim is to control the offshore RMB and shutting the door to it tightly. It is the complete regionalization and monopolization of the RMB. The yuan is yours if you spend it domestically, not yours if you don’t. Balancing this money is what makes it all shift to real estate. Money transferred abroad in addition to Himalaya Coin can also buy some good stocks or buy things that retain their value. Be sure to look at the two scams of offshore RMB and domestic RMB.

4. The world media will beat the snake demon Yan hard, and many of them will sue the snake demon Yan, let them toss around. No one can suppress the New Federal State of China (NFSC). Otherwise, it wouldn’t be the NFSC, and our warriors are making too much fuss. Wang Dinggang (Big-Head Lu) said the Beret (Sellin) deployed people to protect him. Any such activity must be decided by the military commission, the White House, etc. How could he become so low after he left Whistleblowers’ movement for just one day! The current Secretary of Defense has no power to send military force, except for the current president, give Wang Dinggang (Big-Head Lu) a brutal and deadly goodbye. Our comrade who works as a case officer said the snake demon Yan’s mother is a siren, and her daughter is more capable of sleeping with men. How dare Wang Dinggang (Big-Head Lu) say that Selin is sending a military force to protect him? He believes something like that because he himself is low. Selin has an army; does he have berets? Looking for Daddy Bo, together with rubbish Dr. Mo and AiLi. Aili is a white bone demon!

5. There is no doubt that the launch of the Himalaya Coin will be at the end of July and early August. The premise is to finish all account reconciliation. Slow accounting reconciliation shows more conscientiousness that Himalaya Coin takes into account.

6. Japan’s White Paper is basically a move toward the United Nations. The aim of Japan’s normalization and the internationalization of its military is to target the CCP. There is a saying in Japan that “Japan is back” and “Japan will participate in the management of the world with civilized countries”. Japan is flowing the United States, and the first thing they want to achieve is to be the spokesman of Asia. Japan realized that the CCP is his threat, which is absolutely fatal to the Chinese Communist Party.

7. Anyone we hate shall send to the nine-fingered demon, daddy Bo and Wang Dinggang (Big-Head Lu). I grew up with the ability to turn waste into power. I used these two scumbags as my sharp sword to fix the CCP and achieve the purpose of exterminating the CCP with the virus. If I use a few more competent people, the CCP will be gone. Wang Dinggang (Big-Head Lu) will move out of the house if he has any backbone. He is living in someone’s house while called the police to try to chase away comrades. What an ungrateful guy! The FBI sent a lawyer’s letter to Wang Dinggang (Big-Head Lu) regarding his comment on U.S. election fraud. There is nothing to do with our G-series. These two scumbags can be my weapon. The actual scientists are already working with the government, and no one could stop taking down the CCP with the virus. Our A Bing translated the book “The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bio-weapons“, but snake demon Yan refused to use it as present in the celebration anniversary of the NFSC because all her reports are copied from this book. We will definitely be taking interviews to speak about the snake demon Yan’s scam.

8.I do not have any feelings towards the Founder Securities auction. Wait until they have nearly done, and I will show them my trump card. The great thing will be made for my comrades in the next 90 days. Comrades will understand when Wang Dinggang (Big-Head Lu) and snake demon Yan step on the plane back home. God’s will did not let Wang Dinggang (Big-Head Lu) sign the property gift contract. G-fashion’s website has been updated. Don’t buy a pig in a poke; buy what suits you and what you like. Would you please not worry about how much effect that Wang Dinggang (Big-Head Lu) and snake demon Yan could bring us? Otherwise, we do not deserve to stand here. I assure you that the law will sanction them, and they will return to the mainland and Hong Kong, and all the money was given to them for bounty and advertising must return.

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