GTV UK Weekly Interview with Mr. Bannon(7th July 2021)

Author: TCC | Page: Rain

Host: Mike Hua, Contributors: Angela, Castle, Mike Hua, TCC, Winston

1. (Castle) President Trump will make an “important” announcement on NewsMax at 11 EST about his plans for a social media platform. Is there anything you can talk about this?

2. (Winton) CNN’s recent coverage of the 100th anniversary of the CCP appeared to pay homage to the so-called achievements by this tyrannical regime as all the anchors seem to slobber in deference for the Chinese Communist Party and Dictator Xi Jinping. Is CNN trying to live up to their nickname, the Communist News Network?

3. (Mike) The CCP’s July 1st announcement declares that the Chinese people will use their flesh and blood to build a ‘steel wall’ to protect the regime, and anyone attempt to destroy the CCP will get their head smashed on the wall. Why does the CCP use this obscene wording?

4. (Castle) Xi mentioned Marxism and Leninism 13 times in his speech and this was the most frequently used term in his speech. By calling themselves Marxists and Leninists, what is the image that the CCP is trying to create for itself?

Mr. Bannon tells all fellow fighters of the New Federal State of China, “You are the new China. Don’t quit. You are very close to your freedom and we will take down the CCP together.”

Edited by:【Himalaya London Club UK】

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