While China Continues Harvesting Political Prisoners’ Organs, Jacinda Ardern Looks the Other Way

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Labour MP Louisa Wall. Photo: Getty

On Monday, Labour MP Louisa Hareruia Wall spoke out against the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) political prisoner organ harvesting business. Meanwhile, New Zealand Prime Minister dissociated herself and the Government from the Labour MP’s claims.

Ms Wall is a member of the global Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC), which monitors the CCP’s actions. According to Radio New Zealand’s (RNZ) new Red Line podcast, which investigates the CCP’s influence within New Zealand, Ms Wall believes Ms Ardern’s Government must act more strongly to counter Communist China’s slave labour.

“I’m concerned that there appear to be a million Uyghurs being imprisoned in what they call education camps, but essentially, used as slaves to pick cotton,” said Ms Wall.

“What the UK and Canada have done is they’ve got modern slavery acts, and they want to ensure the corporates who are taking those raw materials actually ensure that the production of those raw materials complies with the modern slavery act. I like that mechanism.”

Conversely, Ms Ardern and New Zealand Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta have refused interviews for the Red Line podcast.

Ms Wall bases her statements against China’s slavery and organ harvesting on a recent independent tribunal’s findings named the China Tribunal. Sir Geoffrey Nice, a British Queen’s Counsel with experience in the International Criminal Court, chaired the tribunal.

“Based on a report from Lord Justice Nice from the UK, we now know that forced organ harvesting is occurring to service a global market where people are wanting hearts, lungs, eyes, skin,” said Ms Wall.

Sir Nice’s 600-page report states the CCP continues to kill political prisoners for their organs. The report says countless have died “indescribably hideous deaths” from this process.

At a Monday press conference, Ms Ardern claimed Ms Wall was speaking on behalf of the New Zealand branch of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and not the Government.

“When it comes to the wider issue here, keeping in mind, the member here [spoke] with her IPU hat on rather than as a member of the Government, in that regard,” stated the Prime Minister.

However, Ms Ardern states the New Zealand Government would like to do more work on slavery legislation, which was part of Labour’s election manifesto. She said the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) had established an advisory group to work on such legislation.

“We need to make sure that when we’re looking at modern slavery legislation that we get those settings right just generally, and so we do want to make sure that we use the input of those who will likely be affected by the law, and that’s what that advisory group is all about – helping us get that right, because it affects supply chain and so on,” Ms Ardern stated.

Prime Minister Ardern also claims New Zealand only imports organs from Australia through donor arrangements.

“We have raised, as a Government, the issue of organ transplantation with China, and we have sought updates on this issue and policy reforms for consent and transparency. So this is something that we’ve raised at that level,” Ms Ardern said.

The CCP has detained over one million Uyghurs in concentration camps in the Muslim Turkic minority’s native Xinjiang region.

The communist regime claims to educate these detainees on Mandarin, law and vocational skills while providing counter-terrorism training and psychological counselling for Uyghurs with so-called extremist thoughts. Meanwhile, former detainees have publicly shared stories of torture, brainwashing, and forced sterilisation of women within these prison camps.

Prime Minister Ardern issued a joint statement with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in June against the CCP’s abuses of Uyghurs and the regime’s attack on Hong Kong’s democracy.

However, in April, a New Zealand Uyghur refugee called out the Government for its lack of support for Uyghur families whose loved ones are locked up in the CCP’s Nazi-like concentration camps.

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