[Viewpoint]Land Reform and Cultural Revolution ——Destroyed the Chinese cultural heritage and humanistic bone making Chinese people morally degenerated and harmful towards each other


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The main form of the feudal system in Chinese history was the feudal lords and fief system.  In addition to religion, most of the essence of human ethnic culture was inherited by the noble class.  Although Chinese history is not real feudalism but a centralized dictatorship after the Qin and Han dynasties, the government set up an administrative structure only up to the prefectural and county levels, and further down, many things were theoretically under the control of the country squires.

Who were the squires ? They were often the clan chiefs of local towns and villages, or the wealthy and talented elites of that region. The squires represented the will of the people as they relied on the local’s support to gain power.  Many squires were landlords, but they were definitely not villains or bullies as propagated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  China has a vast territory and dense population.  A county often has “ten miles and eight villages”, with a population of a few thousand or tens of thousands under its jurisdiction.  How could they be managed?  Except for the state tax, military conscription, and major cases, the rest was handled by the squires.

When the village had a squire patriarch, an ancestral hall was built, then there had in place a clan family law.  The family law and clan rules were rooted in the bloodline of the tribe.  According to Confucian etiquette, and the criterion are “benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and trustworthiness”, which were just common sense and human decency.  They were written and submitted to the local county government for review and implementation.  Theoretically, except for important cases and homicides, the patriarchs had the right to hear and punish other crimes without reporting to the government.  At the same time, the family rules also reward good deeds among the clan members, encourage learning, working together to help the poor and vunerables, and promote harmony in the neighborhood.  In general, the county squires and patriarchal system in rural China set the moral boundaries beyond which the Chinese people must not cross and that’s where the cohesiveness of the Chinese people came from.

Even before the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the CCP had regarded the squires as thorns in their eyes. These people respected the etiquette and law, were loyal to the government, and naturally rejected the communist bandits.  The so-called revolution initiated by Mao Zedong in Hunan in 1927 was organized and instigated by a group of jobless idle ruffians in the countryside who established peasant association because they could not be tolerated by clan etiquette.  These people and along with those who represented anti-civilizational and anti-social temperament became the core of the CCP.

After the CCP usurpation of power in 1949, they started attacking the county squaires and squaries of village-level and below without any delay.  The land reform movement of the 1950s lasted for several years, claiming to take back the land from the landlords and bullies and redistributed it to the rural poor peasants.  In fact, it essentially destroyed the rural gentry system and the elite class in one blow and physically eliminating them. The abnormal deaths across the country during the land reform period was around 2 to 4 million and yet this was only an incomplete number.  The violent events and details were gruesome and such massacres were endless, it was a pure anti-humanity act!

The CCP’s goal was soon achieved.  The land reform disintegrated the squires and broke down the so-called “feudal patriarchal clan law”, which was equivalent to opening Pandora’s box of Chinese morality. The evil in human nature has been continuously amplified and spread without the restraint of rituals law and facts.  Finally, a few years later, an unprecedented tragedy was directly spawned: the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.

The tragedy of the Cultural Revolution was not only referring to the vicious bloodshed that occurred during the period (armed fighting and massacre), but also a catastrophe in the history of human civilization!  During the ten-year Cultural Revolution, 20 million people died abnormally, and countless deaths of the intellectual elites as a result of intense persecution.  Scientific research, literature and art, and higher education were completely stagnated.  The economy was on the verge of collapse.  Cultural relics of the past dynasties – the carrier of Chinese civilization that existed for thousands of years, both official and private, suffered a catastrophe and its destruction and the value of the loss is immeasurable.  And the most serious hidden harm is the spiritual poison inflicted on the Chinese people!

If the Land Reform destroyed the clan and squire culture that had held Chinese people together for thousands of years, the Cultural Revolution completely shattered the last “moral barrier” in the hearts of Chinese people – the family.

In terms of culture, the CCP “dismissed a hundred schools of thought and revered only Marxism-Leninism”, smashed  “Heaven and Earth, the ruler and the teacher”, and replaced them with the Party and Party culture – “Father and mother are not as close as the Party”.

At the same time, the constant and ubiquitous political struggle led to mutual surveillance and disclosure at all levels throughout the entire nation.  This kind of denunciation gradually broke through the bottom line of relatives, friends, and families under the political super-pressure, as well as between husbands and wives, parents and children.  Exposing each other and between relatives and indirectly or directly participating in criticism, and even armed fighting!  The love of brothers and sisters, the parental system, was completely forgotten, and many families were broken and many souls were sold!  The Cultural Revolution made the Chinese people look completely unrecognizable and ugly!  People were oblivate to the  harm  inflected on others and even started to hurt each other.  Because the CCP has never introspected and reevaluated the Cultural Revolution, this situation of dehumanization has continued until today.

Under the high pressure of the CCP, our bodies are powerless to resist.  And our corrupted minds gradually began to worship the CCP’s evil spirits, worship money and power, worship cunningness and deceit, and even started to enjoy the sweet carefree life with products made slave-labour.

It only took two campaigns for the CCP to obliterate the millennium Chinese cultural lineage and humanistic ethos to the present day, leaving the Chinese people morally degraded and headed for mutual harm.  However, the emergence of Mr. Guo Wengui in 2017 has changed everything. 

He was on a godly mission to bring justice to the world, and the Chinese people now have the last chance, and the first hope in the past 2,000 years: to take down the CCP!  Let’s regain the glory of China, to find our righteousness, to reintegrate China into human civilization, to reestablish our faith with respect with heaven and earth, and to simply become the Chinese we once were – “gentle, respectful, frugal, benevolent, righteous, courteous, wise and trustworthy”!  

It was extremely fortunate for us that, the chinese nation still has this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity left; and we can also personally be part of this most magnificent Whistleblowers’ Movement that will change human history and lead the progress of civilization!  Although the battlefield is in the virtual Internet, it can truly change the course of the real world revolution!


CCP怎样用土改和文革摧毁中国人的团结意识和道德底线走向互害! – GNEWS

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