Delta Variant cases by Vaccination status in England

Release date:Jun 30th, 2021
News source:火来2号@jsdfposjpqyuee1 Tweet

According to the “火来2号@jsdfposjpqyuee1” Tweet on Jun 30th, the following conclusions can be drawn from a graph of the Delta virus variant infection data recently published in England

1. People can become infected whether or not they are vaccinated.

2. The number of infections after vaccination was lower, but the number of deaths was higher too much than the people without vaccination. Attention! There even been an exponential increase in the number of deaths after vaccination!

3. Mortality rate = Number of deaths/Number of infections. After vaccination, the death rate is much higher than in unvaccinated cases!

In fact, it seems that the number of infections in this data graph is also a bit of a cheat. It may have been deliberately lowered in order to look like with one lower number of infections after vaccination. However, it was fraud, in the number of deaths show the true shape. If we leave aside the number of infections, the number of deaths per million vaccinated people in the UK is very similar to the number of deaths per million unvaccinated people, in short, the vaccine doesn’t work!

Long time ago Miles Guo had told the world that CCP have the antidotes about COVID-19, every countries governments should ask for CCP to hand over the antidotes. Frankly, it is not possible to get the antidotes from CCP, the only way to take down CCP!

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10 months ago

If data is available, it would be interesting to look at deaths / hospitalisations by vaccination status in the first couple of months of vaccination roll-out, when only the elderly were being vaccinated. In the UK, and elsewhere, a surge in excess deaths accompanied vaccine roll-out to the elderly in January / February. There may be a causal link and I have certainly heard stories about healthy people dying after receipt of the vaccines, but not seen the data analysis to confirm this conclusively. As mortalty rates are now back to normal, it looks as though vaccination of the young… Read more »