Summary of Miles Guo’s Gettr on June 26


Miles Guo’s Gettr on June 26 was summarized as follows:

  1. In the past few days, the Taiwan issue has been discussed all over the world, not only by the government officials and diplomats, but also by those from corporates and the financial sector because Taiwan’s technology and finance are closely tied to the US. Taiwan uses its technology, financial relations, and culture to keep connections with the world and thus wins the respect from other countries which are willing to protect Taiwan when necessary. Taiwanese government should let the world know that this self-governing island is in extreme danger and under imminent military threat from the rogue CCP regime. Now, according to the insiders’ information I obtained, the chance of war is pretty high and the effect would be devastating. I wish this information was false but the world should wake up to the roguery of the CCP rather than hold on to the naïve belief in the kindness of the CCP.
  • Some government is said to have obtained tremendous evidence that ten colossal state-owned companies of the CCP have participated in the speculations and cashed in the bitcoins. Now the CCP is planning to strangle bitcoin in cooperation with the other three rogue governments. Their investment in bitcoin was indeed a global coordinated action for money laundering, extortion, and other criminal purposes. Their actions will lead to reshuffling of the digital currency market. In the future, only the legal, safe, centralized, and globally circulating cryptocurrencies will survive and this is a blessing from God for the Himalaya coins and Himalaya dollars.
  • Next week, it is said that the US government and President Trump will take a series of actions on the Big-tech social media companies. This is good news for Gnews, GTV, and Gettr.
  • In the past few days, a survey has been going on to find out the ownerships of the lands in Hong Kong. It seems like another land reform will be started there. The CCP is also planning to plunder money from Hong Kong. Several real estate magnates lamented to me that the doomsday finally arrived. I told them their collusion with the CCP to destroy Hong Kong will lead them nowhere but to demise. They have to pay the price for their betrayal.
  • On the day before the centennial of the CCP, we will move into our new office and I will broadcast on July 30. Gettr ( will be officially launched on July 4. We will be reborn on the day of the CCP’s deathday.
  • To prepare for the CCP’s centennial celebration, even the villages and towns are organizing militias to maintain security in the rural areas. The high-speed railway stations are guarded by armies and special police. In the airports, each plane must fly with two armed policemen, one being the supervisor of the other. We have to ask the CCP what it is afraid of.
  • Rumor has it that several cases involving planned explosion of buildings and bridges in Heilongjiang Province and Dalian (in Northeast China) on July 1 have been preempted. They were orchestrated by the remanent forces of several high-ranking officials who had been locked up for investigation. It is said that the criminal group behind the Dailian case was cracked because of a mole. Had it not been quashed, it may cause great disturbance and demolition of several major bridges and infrastructures. These cases were cracked a month ago and have struck the CCP with panic.
  • Another case cracked was related to trains in Hong Kong and some Hong Kong officials were dismissed for failure to report relevant information in time and are not allowed to leave Hong Kong. Therefore, there is only a dead end for those who follow, believe in, and cooperate with the CCP. The world is in preparation for a new age without the CCP where only the New Federal State of China can represent the Chinese people and their core interests.

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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