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During his recent live broadcasts, Mr. Miles Guo revealed that the Chinese Communist Party has been employing female agents to entrap Westerners. Yang Lan, a famous TV anchor, is in fact a colonel-leveled female spy working for the PLA’s Second Department—her job was to seduce celebrities and officials in the West. Yang’s husband and accomplice Bruno Wu allegedly possesses compromising sex tapes of many individuals in the US. The CCP has a systematic Blue Golden Yellow Plan (BGY Plan) to infiltrate the West, in which Blue stands for disinformation, Golden stands for money, and Yellow stands for seduction. The BGY Plan is a serious threat to the national security of Western civilizations, so it is imperative to develop countermeasures.

Honey traps are dangerous

As the Deputy Mayor of London, Ian Clement fell into a honey trap while he was in Beijing for the 2008 Olympics. A beautiful girl accosted him at a party. He had a few glasses of wine and asked her to his hotel room. While he was drugged and unconscious, the girl searched his room and downloaded the contents of his Blackberry cellphone. [1] In this case, the CCP’s honey trap resembles criminal activities in which the victims are drugged for sexual assault.        

According to Mr. Guo, there are also other seduction strategies. Yang Lan once went to the cinema with her victim and bit on the victim’s tongue to drag him into the bathroom for sex, so that compromising videotapes can be taken. Of course, Mr. Guo indicated this is a hearsay anecdote.

The Daily Mail explains the MI5 once wrote a protection manual for businesspersons going to Communist China. The manual cautions against “flattery and over-generous hospitality.” The CCP’s plan may include bribery in addition to sex. Both money and sex make the victim vulnerable to blackmail. [1] As illustrated by the examples above, Western officials visiting Communist China should avoid having dinner or going to the cinema alone with beautiful girls.

Honey trap by males

Besides beautiful women, honey traps may sometimes involve male agents. In the 1950s, Markus Wolf, spymaster of East Germany’s intelligence agency the Stasi, realized that many German women were single and lonely because a large portion of marriageable German men were killed during World War II. Wolf arranged handsome male spies codenamed “Romeo spies” to seduce West German women working in sensitive departments. Such honey traps allowed the Stasi to install spies in many levels of the West German government. East Germany even had a spy inside NATO. [2]

East Germany’s infiltration plan soon failed when West German counterintelligence agencies devised a method to identify the “Romeo spies”—the spies usually sported practical short haircuts instead of the fashionable styles by Western German men. Once the “Romeo spies” were spotted on their first arrival, counterintelligence officers would follow and arrest them at the first wrong move. One of the victims was a woman who infiltrated West German intelligence at the Stasi’s request. She was only sentenced to six and a half years in prison because the West German public expressed leniency to women. [2]

How to get out of honey traps

The best strategy to escape honey traps is to avoid being trapped in the first place. Government officials should avoid occasions of staying alone with beautiful women or handsome men. Yet is there a solution available to those already entrapped? Yes, there is a way out.

Perhaps the most infamous example during the Cold War was the KGB’s failed attempt to blackmail Indonesian President Sukarno. During Sukarno’s visit to the Soviet Union in the 1950s, the KGB arranged several female operatives disguised as flight attendants to seduce Sukarno, who was secretly filmed having sexual orgy with them. When the Russians later used the sex tapes to blackmail him to take a pro-Soviet position, Sukarno refused and said the Indonesians would be proud to watch the footage of their President with beautiful women. The KGB was frustrated. [3]

Sukarno’s not-so-appropriate example is also applicable to Communist China’s honey traps. The best strategy for an entrapped person is to refuse to collaborate with the CCP, even if they possess compromising videos of him. There are three reasons. First, collaborating with the CCP is an act of treason because it is a terrorist regime releasing bioweapons and committing genocide. Second, the CCP is likely unwilling to post the compromising tapes online, since doing so is a confession of the CCP’s espionage activities around the world. Third, even if the CCP releases the entrapped individual’s compromising videos, he should be brave and shouldn’t be afraid of the videos. The Whistleblower Movement is only against a few running dogs in the West who adamantly collude with the CCP. An entrapped individual can be our friend if he repents and supports our effort to overthrow the CCP.   


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