6/25/2021 Japan Galaxy News: A Total of 6 Infected Persons Were Exempted From Quarantine Entry For The Olympics; New Appointments For Workplace CCP Vaccinations Suspended

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1.Chief of the Miyauchi Office Says He “Respectfully Listens to His Majesty’s Concerns About the Olympics,” and Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsushin Kato Says “It Is the Chief of the Miyauchi Office’s Own Opinion”

According to FNN, His Majesty the Emperor expressed “concern about the spread of infection” at the Tokyo Olympics. Chief of the Miyauchi Office Nishimura said he “respectfully hears His Majesty’s concerns about the Olympics. The Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato Katsushin said on the afternoon of June 24 that “this is the opinion of the Chief Cabinet Secretary” and emphasized the policy of steadily preparing for a safe and secure Olympic Games. Asked about Mr. Nishimura’s comments at a press conference, Kato said, “I know that the Miyauchi Office has expressed its own thoughts, so please ask the Miyauchi Office for details.” Thus, it seems that Mr. Nishimura’s words did not necessarily express the thoughts of His Majesty the Emperor but rather his personal thoughts. In addition, Katsushin Kato said of the Tokyo Olympics, “We will hold a safe and secure competition and strive to put people’s minds at ease. We will continue to work closely with all parties concerned to ensure that a safe and secure environment is created to advance the preparations for the event steadily.”

2.New Appointments for Workplace CCP virus Vaccinations Suspended, and Vaccines Other than Modena Considered

According to TBS, the government began considering a brand of vaccine other than the Modena vaccine on the 24th, after new workplace vaccination appointments were suspended due to concerns about vaccine shortages. Modena vaccine is the vaccine being used now. Taro Kono, minister in charge of administrative reform, said yesterday that workplace vaccination sites and local governments had received many applications for vaccination. However, he is concerned that the number of applications exceeds the total number of Modena vaccines currently in stock. Considering the future supply of the Modena vaccine, the government is discussing allowing the AstraZeneca vaccine to be administered at public expense to “people aged 60 and older.

3.A Judgment Will Be Made on Whether to Terminate the “Priority Measures to Prevent the Spread of the Epidemic” and the “Declaration of Emergency” of Okinawa Prefecture by the 8th of next Month

According to a report by the Yomiuri Shimbun on the 24th, the Japanese government intends to decide whether to terminate the “priority measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic” in 10 prefectures, including Tokyo and Osaka, and the “declaration of emergency” in Okinawa Prefecture by the 8th of next month. The termination date for both the measures and the declaration is the 11th of the following month. The decision should be notified in advance, as it is related to the restaurant’s pre-planned closure and shortening of business hours. In response, LDP Congress Countermeasures Committee Chairman Hiroshi Moriyama said on the 23rd that the Operations Committee of the House and Senate will be convened on the 8th of next month to hear the government’s decision on whether to terminate the “priority measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic” and the “Declaration of Emergency”. The Tokyo Olympics will open on July 23, and the number of spectators at the venues is limited to 10,000. The organizing committee is considering a zero-attendance measure depending on the future status of the epidemic.

4.Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsuharu Kato Says “Correct Information Should Be Provided on Symptoms of Myocarditis After Vaccination”

According to NHK, in response to the CDC’s view that vaccination may cause symptoms such as myocarditis, Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsushin Kato said at the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare that he would assess the relevance of these symptoms to vaccination and provide correct information. The CDC said that symptoms such as myocarditis in the younger generation who had received Pfizer and Modena vaccines could not be ruled out as being related to vaccination. Katsushin Kato said at a press conference on the morning of the 24th that as of the 13th of this month, 12 people, including young people, who had received the Pfizer vaccine in Japan had developed myocarditis or pericarditis. On the other hand, the Modena vaccine has not yet been reported to have caused myocarditis in Japan. However, the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare said it would collect suspected side effects and assess their causal relationship with vaccination.

5.A Total of 6 Infected Persons Were Exempted from Quarantine Entry for the Tokyo Olympics

The Cabinet Secretariat revealed in an interview with the Mainichi Shimbun on the 24th that among the foreign athletes and related personnel who arrived in Japan to participate in the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, four people were confirmed to be infected with the CCP virus, in addition to the two people from the Ugandan team. According to the Cabinet Secretariat, the athletes and related persons confirmed to be infected after entering Japan were a Frenchman found in February, an Egyptian in April, a Sri Lankan and a Ghanaian in May, and two Ugandans this month. Most of them were confirmed through airport quarantine immediately after arrival in Japan, but one Sri Lankan and one Ugandan were diagnosed on the fifth day after arrival. The government currently denies entry to foreigners from all countries and regions in principle. It requires quarantine at designated facilities for 14 days when entry is permitted for humanitarian and other “special circumstances” while exempting Olympic and Paralympic athletes and related personnel from such quarantine measures. Of the 2,925 athletes and related personnel who entered Japan between January 1 and June 13 of this year, more than 70 per cent, or 2,213, applied for exemption from quarantine and participated in training and preparation immediately after entering Japan. By the end of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the number of people entering the country is expected to reach about 70,000.

6.All Japan Private Kindergarten Association and Two Other Organizations Found to Be Unaccounted for over 650 Million Yen

According to a recent interview with NHK, the All Japan Private Kindergarten Association and the All Japan Private Kindergarten PTA Association were found to have unaccounted for large sums of money, with the total amount of unaccounted funds for the two organizations exceeding 650 million yen. The All Japan Private Kindergarten Association, which has about 7,500 private kindergartens nationwide, was found to have unaccounted for funds of about 400 million yen; the All Japan Private Kindergarten PTA Association, of which former LDP Chief Cabinet Secretary Kenko Kawamura was president, was also found to have unaccounted for funds of 41 million yen last year. Also found that 41 million yen of funds were not used. According to the source, the investigation of the kindergarten association further found that about 100 million yen of new funds were misappropriated last year, and the total amount of unaccounted funds in the four years until last year was confirmed to be more than 500 million yen. In addition, the PTA federation conducted a retrospective investigation with accountants and found that tens of millions of yen had been illegally withdrawn each year since 2016, with about 150 million yen found to be unaccounted for in the five years up to last year. In March, the former president of the two organizations, Kei Kagawa, and the bureau’s former director who managed the fund accounts was criminally charged by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department for alleged misappropriation of office.

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