[Inquisitive Minds] Is China’s ‘Wolf warrior’ Diplomacy ‘Justified Defense’ ?

By MOS writing group — Casey

Shaye Lu, Chinese ambassador in France was interviewed by website guancha.cn on June 16, 2021, giving his opinions of China’s ‘Wolf warrior’ diplomacy and related issues.

Lu said, “The west is trying to insult us by labeling us as ‘Wolf warrior’ diplomacy, but in fact, it does not disparage us. In the eyes of the Westerners, our diplomacy is offensive and aggressive, but the truth is, it is them who are offensive and aggressive, not us. We never take the initiative to attack others or to provoke others. What we are doing is merely justified defense to protect our rights and interests.”

Here Lu regarded ‘wolf warrior’ diplomacy as ‘justified defense’, a way to protect our rights and interests. But is this really the case ?

Wikipedia describes ‘Wolf warrior’ diplomacy as an aggressive style of diplomacy adopted by Chinese diplomats in the 21st century, under Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s administration.

Deutsche Welle also explains the history of ‘Wolf warrior’ diplomacy. In order to defend the national interests of the Chinese communist party, Chinese diplomats and scholars now no longer shy away from an aggressive attitude and often respond to frictions and disagreements in a confrontational manner. This style is known as ‘ Wolf warrior’ diplomacy. 

Now let’s look at a few cases of China’s ‘Wolf warrior’ diplomacy:

On November 30, 2020, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian tweeted a composite image involving war crimes in Afghanistan, featuring an Australian soldier holding a knife to the throat of a child. Zhao Lijian accused Australian soldiers of killing Afghan civilians and prisoners. Australian Prime Minister Morrison strongly criticized Zhao Lijian’s actions and accused the Chinese Communist Party of “releasing and faking a propaganda image of an Australian soldier slitting the throat of a child” and demanded an apology from the Chinese Communist Party, which was repeatedly refuted by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying. Zhao Lijian not only topped the tweet and picture, but the Chinese Foreign Ministry also took a stance of fighting to the end in the counterattack.

On March 29, 2021, the Chinese Consul General in Brazil ridiculed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as a “follower” and “running dog” of the United States to counter Canada’s imposition of sanctions on the Chinese Communist Party over Uighur human rights issues.

There are many more examples of the Chinese Communist Party’s ‘Wolf warrior’ diplomacy, too numerous to mention. The CCP’s war wolf diplomacy has made the CCP enemies on all sides and isolated by the world.

If the “wolf warrior diplomacy” is really a justified defense, as Lu Shaye said, then why did Xi Jinping announce in a speech at a recent Politburo collective study session that China must “strengthen and improve international communication work,” as Xi said. “We should focus on grasping the tone, be open and confident as well as humble and modest, and strive to build a credible, lovable and respectable image of China.” Is this a hint of a change in the diplomatic style of “war-wolf diplomacy”? Such a change is highly unlikely though.

Throughout the website guancha.cn interview, Lu Shaye distorts facts and constantly stands up for the CCP; stealing concepts, equating the West’s containment of the CCP’s development with the West’s unfriendliness to China, and equating the CCP with the Chinese people. At the end of the interview, Lu Shaye said that the website guancha.cn has become a brand for the international public opinion struggle of the CCP state.

Let’s take a look at the background of website guancha.cn, referred to as Guanwang(website guan). It is a private internet news media in the People’s Republic of China that focuses on news and commentary, founded in 2012 and based in Shanghai. The website is similar to the official Global Times, while its private identity makes it take a stronger Chinese nationalist stance and a critical attitude towards Western liberal democrats.

It is thus clear that the private identity of the website guancha.cn also represents the voice of the CCP, just like the state-run Global Times. The private identity is just so called private, it is also controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. Then Lu Shaye’s voice of “wolf warrior diplomacy” is a legitimate defense, defending his own interests and representing the voice of the CCP. 

The CCP implements the “wolf warrior diplomacy” policy. However, when it sees that the international situation is no longer under their control, it comes to shout to build a “credible, lovable and respectable” image of the Chinese Communist Party. How long will the CCP smack its own face last?







Proofread and posted by: Malaca

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