Australia’s Relationship with the CCP is Getting Worse

Author: Ermat 【㊙️翻Gnews原创组】

Editor: Shifter


While the Chinese Communist Party has been very successful in infiltrating the world by exploiting human “selfishness, greed and lust”, it has been met with a strong counter-attack in Australia. In response to the CCP’s bribery, media warfare and cyber warfare, the Australian government has developed and implemented appropriate countermeasures.

  • Blocking the acquisition of more than half of the Australian power grid by the Communist Party’s State Grid Corporation.
  • Amending the National Security Act to counter the Chinese Communist Party’s interference in Australia’s internal affairs.
  • Passed two anti-foreign intervention bills. Banned foreign interference in politics. Punished leakers of secrets.
  • Called for a global investigation into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Excluding Huawei, ZTE and other companies from participating in the construction of 5G broadband networks.
  • Urging China to allow immediate and unrestricted access to Xinjiang for UN international observers to investigate the human rights situation there.
  • Pass the Foreign Relations Bill. This bill could repeal foreign-related agreements that violate national interests.

In fact, Australia is quite dependent on China for its economy and trade. Exports to China account for 33 percent of goods. But Australia is unmoved by the economic sanctions imposed by the Chinese Communist Party. Further legislation has been introduced to lay the groundwork for a full cut-off from the CCP. It is worth learning that Australia has put an end to CCP infiltration in the form of laws.

The Australian Prime Minister has said loudly in Parliament: “The Australian people are standing up!”

(The article merely represents the author’s opinion)

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