[Headline News] Biden’s Asia Nominee Says U.S. Should Develop Relations with Taiwan in Every Sector

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On June 15th, at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, the nominee for assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Daniel Kritenbrink responded that he will focus on addressing the challenges of the Chinese Communist Party and ensure that the United States prevails in its strategic competition. He will further develop U.S.-Taiwan relations and continue to pursue accountability for human rights abuse by Chinese Communist officials.

Kritenbrink described Communist China as a “major challenge the U.S. faces today.” The priorities in his term of office are to reinvigorate alliances to ensure U.S. success in strategic competition with Communist China, to reduce the threat of a nuclear-armed North Korea, to support inclusive economic policies, promote democracy and human rights, and to address the new pandemic and climate crisis.

Concerning diplomatic relations with Taiwan, he said that the Biden administration’s new guidelines for Taiwan relations are “significantly liberalized” and “explicitly designed to further develop our relationships and our partnership.” In response to the Chinese Communist Party’s continued pressure on Taiwan by force, he said, “I do think that maintenance of that status quo and of that security is a dynamic situation. As the threat from (China) grows, as Beijing’s aggressive and bullying behavior vis-a-vis Taiwan grows, I think that our response has to be calibrated as well.” In addition, he believes the U.S. should continue to take steps to hold accountable Chinese leaders responsible for genocide against the Uyghurs and other Muslims in the Xinjiang region.

Kritenbrink is an expert on Asia-Pacific affairs. He has been a member of the U.S. Foreign Service since 1994, and he has been posted in several Asian countries. He served as senior director of Asia-Pacific affairs for the NSC during the Obama administration, accompanying Obama on his visits to China. During the Trump administration, he served as Ambassador to Vietnam and was involved in planning the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un in Hanoi, Vietnam.

After the U.S. clarified its position on the investigation and accountability of the Covid-19 virus, President Biden nominated Daniel Kritenbrink, who has rich experience in Asia-Pacific diplomacy, as assistant secretary of state, indicating that the U.S. has begun to take concrete actions to layout Asia-Pacific foreign affairs in response to the Chinese Communist Party. Shifting from the “strategic ambiguity” of the “one-China” strategy to elevating Taiwan’s diplomatic status globally, is to hit the pressure points of the Chinese Communist Party and force it to make a move. If the CCP holds back, Xi Jinping’s dream of one unified China will be shattered, and he will “lose face.” If the CCP attacks Taiwan by force, the end of CCP will be hastened.

Reference: https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1330690/


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