【Miles Warnings】Early Warnings To The West Again — Miles Guo 2021/06/20

Author: Mi John

Editor: Amos Wenye

So, I am here today. I am very honored to send out all the warnings once again to my compatriots all over the world on the morning of June 20, 2021.

Before issuing the warning, I reiterate that all the actions of the Chinese Communist Party do not represent the Chinese people.

The Communist Party is in the Chinese Communist Party (the CCP), which is now an illegal organization in China, has been especially condemned by the US government as a crime against humanity in the Xinjiang Massacre. The so-called security law in Hong Kong tore up international contracts. And the CCP has committed many murdering and killings of students in Hong Kong and posted threats against Taiwan with ready-to-go war. Additionally, after tearing up international treaties in the South China Sea and doing great harm to our compatriots in Tibet and China, we reiterate once again that we are the Chinese people, on the stance of the real history and the civilization and tell the Western that we are the same kind, and we will never be the enemy of the West. The Chinese people will not forever, and we have never invaded or occupied the territory of any Western country in the past.

So all of my announcements today represent the peaceful Chinese people. Only a small number of families, from no more than 200 Chinese Communist Party families, are monopolists of China’s power and economy. They are murdering Western countries.

They are occupying the resources of the West and maybe in the preparation of releasing the virus. They are the culprits of the past incidents and the incident I am about to announce today.

Now the most important thing I want to tell you is that we get accurate information.

  1. The Communist Party is planning, over the summer and autumn of this year, to release the coronavirus again in the United States and Europe, and the Western countries.

Moreover, the risk of the virus released this time must be more severe than that of the last time. We have accurate information. We know that the CCP is very clear about after the G7 group meeting, due to the number of deaths of millions of people in the world in the West and hundreds of millions of people have been infected with the virus, the world is demanding the truth.

The CCP is already very clear that the truth will eventually be found out; but the political trade-off, buying, and threats may not work. They only have two options.

  1. When the West really wants to get close to the truth, they want to invade and occupy Taiwan. So now they have made a series of military and political deployments.

The internal meeting made a clear decision that if the West uses many economic sanctions or even threatens to launch the war. “The Communist Party must use up its biological and chemical weapon”, in the word of the highest leader of the Chinese Communist Party. “In other words, since this weapon was studied for Americans and whites, we should send it to the United States.”

“We are very successful in India. We should, in the United States and Europe, make it more successful, and should have no scruples. Since you want to use it, you must do it until the enemy became feared.”

The CCP has done such a decision in the past. I hope that all the elites in the West can prevent and protect themselves when they see and hear this message.

At the same time, the CCP’s highest level decided that after the virus was released, when the world was concerned about the truth of the virus when the Communist Party could not solve it, it would launch a war to regain Taiwan, so that all the world’s attention would be on Taiwan’s affairs instead of talking about the virus. Let China and the western countries of the world enter a state of war. After entering a state of war, use the international relations of war.

The so-called wars are ultimately solved by the exchange of politics and economics. Wars are used to divert attention, to cover up the truth of the CCP’s virus creation, to achieve peace talks with the West through wars, and finally include accountability for the truth of the virus.

So, what is the CCP already doing now? This is today that Guo Wengui himself represents the New China Federation and broke the news of the revolution to peace-loving Western friends around the world. You should pay attention to all the 300,000 American settlers in Hong Kong, in the past four weeks, and the mainland’s 180,000 to 220,000 settlers.

They are being taken into account by the CCP. The National Security Council sent thousands of people to collect statistics.

The method is to locate all the computers, phones, and contacts of these American citizens in China and Hong Kong in the name of national security. Including a lot of information about U.S. citizens online in China and in Hong Kong. It is also including the European Union, Japan, and the Westerns. That is the G7 group and those may pursue the truth with the CCP in the future. or whoever may participate in the event when the CCP launched a war in Taiwan. Citizens of western countries are registered and tracked in China, and they have already entered quasi-war.

These are the unanimous decision made by the National Security Council of the highest leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.

This situation is the same as the preparations by these countries before the wars in Iraq and Libya, and the various and various wars, right before the West waged war on them in the past 70 years.

At the same time, I would like to ask all the same kind in the West, please remember the CCP’s hoard food storage and war preparations. I know that you know better than I do about combat readiness, food hoarding, and now a large amount of foreign currency hoarding, including in Southeast Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and nearby countries are preparing strategic materials and deploying strategic materials and arms in some sensitive areas, especially, long-range, and medium-range missile systems.

The CCP has now prepared its navy. It would rather be a ratio of one thousand to one suicide wars with the U.S. and Japanese forces should the war be carried out. These preparations, including all the wars in the sky, the international satellites, and national satellites in the sky, are also ready.

2. Another thing to warn about Western colleagues. The Communist Party has not only biological and chemical weapons but also very advanced chemical weapons. Ordinary people when they talked about biological and chemical weapons, thought that biological and chemical weapons are very difficult to control or to release the coronavirus. However, the CCP has already shown the people of the world that biological and chemical weapons are very easy to spread.

It is also very easy to manufacture, which is extremely dangerous. Many people thought that only missiles or carriers can send chemical weapons to the so-called target zone. This is wrong!

The CCP already possessed chemical weapons that are silent and easy to release.

Moreover, most of these biological and chemical weapons and chemical weapons come from the United States’ biological and chemical weapons and chemical weapons technology.

This is dangerous for the whole world.

The CCP has already deployed and planned chemical attacks on all water sources and power facilities in these G7 countries in the West, as well as important, natural wind areas.

Therefore, when the whole world wants to investigate the truth about the CCP’s coronavirus, it must hope that the governments of all countries will pay great attention to the chemical and biological weapons attacks by the CCP, as well as the safety of the kidnapped citizens of various countries in China.

This is what Guo Wengui told the West today, to all the so-called righteous people of the same kind and supporters of the New Federal State of China, about what I have received information from the inside of CCP controlled China. I hope none of this will happen.

But our hope is always the opposite result from the CCP wanted. The CCP has never considered human security and the value of human nature. They never believe that peace and kindness are of any value to them. They only believe in violence, force, and deception.

Well, the Western world has given the Chinese Communist Party 70 years, nearly a hundred years, allowed it the opportunity to bring democracy and rule of law to the Chinese people and bring peace to the world.

The Sino-British agreement on Hong Kong, the Sino-US relations, the WTO, and the Sino-European relations are all in the past tense when used in trade relations and technological relations. The past 70 years and 100 years of history are the best answers. Anyone in the hope of trade-off, cooperation or you think the CCP can represent the Chinese people will pay the price for it.

Because the CCP has used facts, the coronavirus and Hong Kong and Taiwan and Xinjiang and Tibet to give you the best answer. Any illusion in your heart may cause you irreparable loss. That is a huge crime.

The New Federal State of China and the Whistle Blower Revolution will never compromise under any circumstances and will not be afraid.

We will stand with the civilized society of the West until the day when the Chinese Communist Party is eliminated.

The above is Guo Wengui’s warning to the West again. I hope not to go back to October 2017 when I was at the press conference in Washington. What I said was called a joke from then on, but it was proved true through the past four years. correct. This time I hope to attract high attention. I do not want you to believe it, but I hope you will investigate.

“Don’t trust me, but go to verify, thank you very much!”


Subtitles from Chinese Broadcast ⎢MR. MILES GUO’S LIVE BROADCAST on 2021.06.20


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爆料革命 新中国联邦与正义良知同在

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一切都已经开始,Take Down The CCP !!! 

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We must take down ccp

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Mr Guo said “Don’t trust me, but go to verify

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