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Weekly News Brief:

  1. Quebec has 161 new cases today, 8 more than yesterday, which is a good sign since this is the second consecutive week with less than 200 new cases. The cumulative total number of cases to date is 373,531, of which 360,779 have recovered. There have been no more fatal cases for 3 days in a row.
  2. 93,839 people were vaccinated yesterday (Wednesday) for a total of 7,055,053 doses, with 7,632,639 doses still waiting to be administered. The vaccination rate (percent of the population) has reached 69.6%.
  3. 1,522 suspected COVID-19 reinfection cases were identified in Quebec. Reinfection cases are uncommon in Quebec, accounting for less than 1% of infections. CHSLD in long-term care homes in Quebec is now essentially zero. Homes for the elderly were the hardest hit during the past outbreak. 95% of CHSLD residents have now received their first dose of vaccine, and 84% have completed both doses.
  4. A Chinese family in Canada has been infected with a variant of the virus and has recovered with multiple sequelae like asthma, hair loss, and palpitations, poor appetite, weakness in the arms and legs, sleep problems, inability to fall into a deep sleep, and slow reactions. According to the CBC, 10-20% of patients recovering from COVID-19 have long-term symptoms and require treatment. It is difficult to predict the extent to which the virus will damage lives, and September is expected to be a peak in long-term treatment for people recovering from new coronavirus infections.
  5. Thirty-five cases of myocarditis following mRNA vaccination were reported in Canada, with women accounting for 19 cases (median age of 51 years) and men accounting for 16 cases (median age of 40 years). 22 cases in Canada developed after the first dose of vaccination and 11 cases developed after the second dose of vaccine. Whatever the cause of the myocarditis, administering the vaccines to adolescents needs to be considered carefully.
  6. It is reported that since the outbreak, business at the U.S.-Canada border duty-free stores has plummeted 97%. The current border ban on non-essential travel expires on June 21. It is not yet known whether this ban will be extended.

Performance of World Leaders at the G7 Summit:

In the group photo of the G7 summit, the distance between the world leaders was about 2 meters. Thirty minutes later, when there was no reporters present, they did not wear masks, they gathered closely together, and spoke enthusiastically. In front of the camera, they touched elbows instead of shaking hands. When the cameras were turned off they hugged each other, intimately. Their behavior was all for public display. To them, people are as worthless as leeks, and the public feels like they are being played by these politicians. If it was not for the Whistleblower revolution, we would not know the truth about what dangerous times we are living through in this world. All the decisions are made by these politicians. We give them the power to organize our lives.

Hypocrisy of Canadian politicians

On the afternoon of June 11, the leader of the People’s Party of Canada was arrested for violating the COVID-19 ban in Manitoba. Three other Canadian pastors were also arrested, on the grounds of violating a ban on congregating and preaching. In a time when everyone is panicking, the power that faith brings to people is endless. We need these faith leaders to lead us to the truth in the darkness. Unfortunately, the three pastors were arrested, which is in contrast to the world leaders who were allowed to gather, mingle and greet each other in such close proximity. Why are they allowed to do this only because of their privilege?

Sister Jackie’s message to us is to teach our children to recognize truth, goodness, and evil in any turbulent and difficult time. Don’t be afraid because people say you are guilty of something, or that you have failed because people say you have failed. Always believe in yourself when you are treated unfairly in your career and in the workplace. This ability is developed at the secondary school level, especially with the guidance of parents and schools. For your child’s future success, nurture them so that they develop both intellectual and emotional intelligence.

Madam JACKIE tells stories

Recently, the Fudan murder case and the Nanjing school-wave case in China have caused Madam JACKIE to reflect. She thinks that whether the thesis was plagiarized or not, the killing itself is wrong.  In contrast, there is a story about a Nobel Prize event that made Madam JACKIE feel very emotional. The prize recipient’s name is Douglas Pulley Pardon. The story took place during the December 8, 2008, Nobel Prize event in Stockholm. Three Nobel Prize winners in chemistry were jointly awarded this prize for their outstanding contributions to the discovery of green fluorescent protein. In fact, the first person to study this field was Douglas Pulley Pardon, and he published a paper on it. He later gave up his research for personal reasons. He was not jealous of the other two nominees, but gave them sincere blessings. Two of the laureates strongly recommended that the prize should be given to Douglas Pulley in honor of his pioneering and outstanding contribution to the field.

The other story is about Dr. Yanren Song of Taiwan. Dr. Song held a high position as the director of the Taipei Health Bureau and as a professor and director of the Institute of Cellular Immunobiology at Yang-Ming University. At the age of 50, he gave it all up to go back to medical school for further studies and became a doctor in an outpatient clinic. He invented diets such as 168 and 186, which helped many obese people and diabetics. He gave up a position with higher compensation and received extremely high praise from his colleagues in Taiwan. He said that although I was in such a high position, I did not make a proportional contribution to people in Taiwan. I really want to help people and should do specific things in specific positions.

Once a Chinese Communist Party official takes office, he or she is afraid that their official positions are not high enough and they will not be able to get enough money through corruption. There are few people who can give up their high official position for the sake of people’s health like Dr. Song did. These days, people are in a hurry to get what they want and are not interested in studying for a long time only to contribute to people and society. There are rotten women like Yang Lan in the literary world, and the scientific world is not clean either. Female students can’t pass their papers without sleeping with their supervisors.

Madam FARMSISTER says that parents should try to make friends with their children in secondary school. This period is the most critical stage when their worldview is formulated. To make children feel safe parents should not look at them with a critical eye all day long, In this way, children are willing to tell their parents what they think. In secondary school boys and girls begin to enter puberty, some have male and female friends. Parents should give their children proper guidance on sex education, such as contraception.

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