6/18/2021 Financial News: CCP’s Latest Housing Price Data Released; 38 Plots Of Land Were Launched For Auction Intensively

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1.The strongest concept stock of Huawei Hongmeng OS, with the price soaring 500%

The strongest Huawei Hongmeng OS concept stock called Runhe Software reached a new high on June 17th. The stock price had grown from 7.89 yuan in February to 46.99 yuan by nearly 500%. After the market closed on June 17th, Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced the data. According to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Runhe Software (300339) gained 155.66% from June 7th to June 17th. During the period of seriously abnormal increase, individual investors bought over 55.4 billion yuan, accounting for 91.78%; Among them, small and medium investors invested over 32 billion yuan, accounting for 53.03%. However, with respect to institution investors, their investment was less than 4.4 billion.

Comments: In CCP-controlled China, stock market is a gambling place for individuals with no chance to win.

2.Digital yuan has been officially put into use in more than 70,000 application scenarios Xi’an

In 2021 Western Digital Economy Expo and 2021 Western Digital Economy High-Quality Development Forum being held in Xi’an which is also a digital yuan pilot area, Xi’an was reported to have accumulatively opened more than 600 “white lists”, more than 1.1 million digital yuan personal wallets and nearly 200,000 corporate wallets. And more than 70,000 application scenarios have been officially put into official list such as cultural tourism, people’s well-being services, smart campuses, commercial chains, demonstrative blocks, and inclusive finance.

Comments: Foreign countries are now completely blocking the CCP, and the digital yuan can only be internally looped.

3.38 plots of land were launched for auction intensively, and here comes the first wave of land auctions in Shanghai!

On June 18, Shanghai launched 38 plots in one go for auction on the first day of intense land supply. Compared with the 29 auctions of land for affordable housing and rental housing in the morning, the 9 auctions of residential land in the afternoon aroused great attention and people have a lot of expectations for its continued auction in the next few days.

The two listed companies that offer the best prices are: Poly Real Estate bid for a land in Jing’an District with a total transaction price of 10.513 billion yuan, with a floor price of 51,700 yuan per square meter; Yuyuan shares bid for Huangpu Jiangnan in Xuhui District with a total transaction price of 5.17 billion yuan A plot in the extension section has a floor price of 43,000 yuan per square meter.

In CCP-controlled China, excessive reliance on land revenue contributed to the rocketing housing price and urban sprawl, and thus led to serious social, economic and environmental problems. The situation has even worsened under the influence of pandemic and upcoming sanctions from all over the world. There is no longer much space for CCP to continue the game of land financing.

4.Chinese Development and Reform Commission: National Reserves of Copper, Aluminum and Zinc will be put into public bidding

China National Development and Reform Commission: The national reserve of copper, aluminum and zinc will be released soon. This release is for mid- and downstream companies and will implement open bidding. In the future, we will cooperate with relevant market departments to launch multiple batches in a timely manner depending on market changes to increase market supply and bring down the prices to normal range. The CCP government has felt the pressure of incessant increase of prices. All they are trying to do is cover-up like they did about the virus.

5.The latest housing price data in 70 cities are released, and the effect of regulation and control appears

On June 17, the National Bureau of Statistics released the changes in the sales prices of commercial housing in 70 large and medium-sized cities in May 2021. Data show that the increase in the sales price of commercial housing in 70 large and medium-sized cities basically remained stable. The increase in housing prices in first-tier cities slowed down. The second-hand housing prices in Shenzhen have begun to adjust. Experts said that the continuously increasing regulation and control policies are showing results, and the future housing price growth will continue to slow down. The truth about Chinese housing market is that it is near to collapse and the reason for that is the collapse of Chinese economy, particular the ongoing decoupling from the world due to the virus.

6. Runhe Software: Trade suspension for severe abnormal fluctuations in stock trading

Runhe Software announced that the deviation of the closing price increase of the company’s stock for 8 consecutive trading days has reached 101.3%, and trading will be suspended for verification from June 18th. Runhe Software is the strongest concept stock of Huawei Hongmeng OS. From June 7th to June 17th, the stock price fell into its period of seriously abnormal increase as individual investors bought over 55.4 billion yuan, accounting for 91.78%. In Chinese gamble-like stock market, Chinese people have no good choice of investment. So, that’s why they can be easily brainwashed and fall into the investment traps CCP regime design for them.

7.Guangxi takes more efforts to promote PPP work

According to an exclusive report issued by the PPP Center of the Chinese Ministry of Finance (PPP refers to the legal cooperation between the government and the private sector), from January to April this year, Guangxi added 16 new projects to the database, with a new investment scale of 62.743 billion yuan. The net increase ranks first in the country.

In the PPP work performance appraisal, the top 4 district cities, 8 districts, and 12 counties received a total of 120 million yuan in work funding awards. Provide loan interest discounts and direct financing subsidies during the construction period for standardized PPP projects, and issue 28.1582 million yuan of financing subsidies to 24 eligible PPP projects.

In CCP-controlled China, the best way to win the offer is cooperating with the government which is a public secret among Chinese people. We can see from this news that they can’t promote the cooperation without government financing which is funded by all Chinese taxpayers. How outrageous!

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