【G Times】 Fragmentation, Hatred vs Harmony, Tolerance and Love

Author: Giselle Translation: XiaoYu

1. Wu Zheng holds dark information of hundreds of judges in the United States. How can this game be beaten?

——Communicate one-on-one with each judge, and give them a second chance to make the right choice: Should we just let the dark forces continue with their evil plot, or should we let bygones be bygones and save the United States from crisis?

The current “complex fake technology” is so developed, who knows if those short videos were forged?

The President of the United States is entitled to amnesty. You can’t convict all the elites who have been compromised, right? That would ruin the entire national system.

The most powerful weapon of the CCP is creating fragmentation and hatred. When you counter with  harmony, tolerance and love, you will immobilize communist bandits like Wu Zheng!

2. Reuters and BA confirmed that three British Airways pilots died from the COVID “vaccine” in the past 7 days. British Airways is now in crisis negotiations with the British government on whether they should allow their vaccinated pilots to fly. Approximately 85% of British Airways pilots have been vaccinated.

—— Spain and Russia have clearly stipulated that people who have been vaccinated should not take an airplane, because this will increase the risk of blood clots!

Similarly, if a pilot who has been vaccinated stays in flight for a long time, then the risk for the pilot will be many times higher than normal

Pray for these vaccinated pilots. If something  goes wrong during the flight, what can you do?

3. In a joint statement , US and Russian presidents pledged nuclear arms control and reiterated the principle that nuclear wars cannot be won and must not be fought.

——The U.S. and Russia’s commitment to nuclear arms control is basically sending a message to the CCP: Don’t play with nuclear leaks, and don’t jest with nuclear threats! You cannot win a nuclear war, nor can you fight a nuclear war! !

4. Xi Jinping had the cheek to say “selfless”…

——This “barbequed human meat bun” is actually trying to say: Everybody should support my dictatorship… therefore you should be completely “selfless” so as not to add resistance to my dictatorship…. 

Just saying “selfless” without mentioning “generosity” is just acting like a scoundrel!

5. Canada plans to promote the vaccine passport, and Japan also plans to administer the “Vaccination Certificate”, which supposedly records the name, vaccine manufacturer, passport number, vaccination date, etc. Those going abroad can show proof of vaccination when boarding a flight, going through immigration, and checking in to lodging facilities in a foreign country.

——Then the problem comes:

A. Vaccines cannot  prevent the virus, but may instead increase the risk of severe infection. There is also thrombosis, myocarditis, and various other side effects.

B. Eight fully vaccinated crew members of the Royal Caribbean International cruise ship tested positive for the new corona. Among them, 6 were asymptomatic and 2 had mild symptoms. There were 1,400 crew members on board, all of whom were vaccinated.

C. In the past 7 days, three British Airways pilots died from the virus vaccine.

D. Spain and Russia have clearly called for those vaccinated not to travel by air, as the vaccine increases the risk of blood clots.

Is it clear now? Still endorsing the vaccine passport? Stop deceiving yourself.

(The contents of the article only represent the author’s personal views)

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