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1. The world is moving towards a moment of great changes. Our fellow fighters should not ruin themselves because of one moment thought and one single thing, or short-sightedness and ignorance.

2. In the future there will be only two kinds of Chinese people overseas. One is those who stand completely together with the CCP,  the other one is those who support the New Federal State of China. There are no centrists.

3. When you become the hope of others in your life, you are successful. When you could bring the hope to others, you are really successful.

4. The music itself is part of nature, pleasing oneself and bringing joy to others as well. It is a method of language expression and aesthetics appreciation, which is used to truly express oneself far beyond the normal life of the human beings.

5. I’ll never allow myself to be “kidnapped”by my families and colleagues, and the love. Why? It’s because I have a big mission to accomplish, i.e., to eliminate the Chinese Communist Party. 

6. Don’t let me fight alone. I don’t mean you fight for me. You should fight for yourselves and take the real actions. Saying a thousand empty words or posting a hundred million tweets is not as good as doing one thing or speaking out for the Whistleblowers’ Movement. 

7. In America, loyalty can be changed. Loyalty is gone in the face of strength. Loyalty is to serve strength, while strength surpasses credit and loyalty.


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