Former US State Department Official: US Must Financially Pressure China to Ensure COVID-19 Probe Cooperation

Writer: Lois

Image: FOX News. (June 18, 2021).

On a Thursday interview with “America’s Newsroom” former Chief State Department Investigator David Asher stated China would only cooperate with a COVID-19 origin probe under financial pressure. Mr Asher supervised the State Department’s investigations into the pandemic’s origins during the Trump administration.

“Unless we adopt a much more coercive strategy of putting pressure economically through sanctions, civil litigation, and other special measures against the Chinese government’s intransigence, I don’t expect them to offer any cooperation,” Mr Asher stated.

“My experience with China, which is over three decades-long, is that coercion can work with China, especially through the financial system. Their banks are totally dependent on the United States dollar for their existence. If we start to constrain that, it will put pressure on them. And I expect China to respond positively if pressured.”

The full interview can be found here.

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