The So-Called Cure Is Far Worse Than the Disease

  • Author: The-world
  • Editor: Jenny Ball

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The so-called vaccine is far worse than the disease. The first autopsy conducted on a person who received the new experimental Covid Jab confirms what we are being told by experts worldwide.

According to the postmortem report,  a 86 year old man had never infected with Covid and received a single dose of the Pfizer shot on January 9th. 18 days later, he was admitted to the hospital where he got infected by an asymptomatic hospital roommate and died four days later.

The molecular mapping shows that nearly all of his vital organs were infected with viral RNA. As a result of being exposed to his asymptomatic roommate, a rapid fatal autoimmune response was triggered throughout the body.

People are being told to trust the science, but the scientists have been saying all along that these mRNA induced Spike proteins being produced in the body is a terrible and deadly idea.

A former Pfizer’s head and former head of the public health department tried to warn us back in December of 2020. The medical experts from 30 countries came together just weeks after the vaccine went public to warn people of a wide range of side effects.

They pointed out how residents in Care Homes across the world were being infected with Covid-19 within days of them getting vaccinated. Their main concern was that the spike proteins will be produced throughout the entire body causing the body’s own immune system to attack itself. And they pointed out the entire thing is a human experiment in violation of the Nuremberg code.

French virologist, a Nobel Prize winner Luc, Montagnier agrees, he calls it an unacceptable mistake. He went on saying that it is unthinkable that any expert would not be aware of how potentially dangerous this vaccine is.

Even the corporation seemed to know. The owner of a recruitment company for an oil and gas company , who hires for dozens of major companies says that succession planning is now looking at all employees who have received one of the new Vaccines.

And through all of this, the mainstream media never once questioned. They are the big Pharma’s puppet assisting the criminal boss throughout all of this. Remember, the media told you to get the shot.

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